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    9 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

    Cher and Marie Osmond sporting some serious wigs kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday.

    1. Marie Osmond posted this pic of her and a very redheaded Cher hanging out in the early '00s.

    .@Cher Still using #makeuptips u taught me. You're the best! Hope🎂was gr8!💋 #TBT #SonnyandCher

    2. Colin Hanks shared his high school freshman year photo when he was going through his ~rebellious~ grunge phase.

    3. Sarah Michelle Gellar paid tribute to Cruel Intentions by posting this photo of herself with the film's writer-director, Roger Kumble.

    4. While Amanda Seyfried paid tribute to her Big Love days.

    5. Madonna shared this stunning photo taken by her friend the late, Herb Ritts.

    6. Super adorable: Eva Longoria as a little girl.

    Because this little girl had big dreams #WhyIWork #tbt @WellsFargo #ad

    7. John Stamos remembered the time he met Jeff Bridges while dressed in Uncle Jesse drag.

    8. In honor of her 47th birthday, Kylie Minogue posted this sweet baby photo of herself.

    9. And finally, Patrick Stewart posted this #tbt of his BFF Ian McKellen in honor of his birthday.

    The beautiful man I was a fan of, all those years ago, @IanMcKellen who celebrates his birthday this week. #TBT

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