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    Check Out Delta's Totally Radical '80s-Themed Safety Video

    From Rubik's Cube to leg warmers, in its latest in-flight safety video Delta gives us a blast from the past!

    Delta Air Lines has gone full on '80s in its latest in-flight safety video -- which is chock-full of cameos and references to the totally tubular decade.

    Delta Air Lines

    Everyone from Teddy Ruxpin, who of course needs to power down during take-off...

    Delta Air Lines ALF, who is in need off some assistance in getting his oxygen mask on...

    Delta Air Lines even basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who brought back his Airplane! character of Roger Murdock, makes a cameo.

    Delta Air Lines

    The airline even got a little meta by having it's infamous finger wagging "smoking is not allowed" flight attendant, sitting as a child on the flight.


    Now, enjoy the full Delta’s ’80s in-flight safety video:

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