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    Chadwick Boseman, Keanu Reeves, Betty White, And 16 More Celebrities That Everyone Seems To Agree Are Genuinely Good People

    Yes, celebrities can be polarizing, but here are 19 that I think we can all say we have nothing but love for.

    Everybody has opinions on celebrities — there are celebs that we genuinely like and get great vibes from, while there are other celebs that other people seem to love, but that we truly dislike and wish they would just disappear. But, then there are those rare cases of celebs that just seem to be universally beloved, and that no one seems to have anything bad to say about.

    And recently, Reddit user u/Comprehensive-Home-4 wanted to know just that when they posed this question: "Who in the entertainment world do you believe is a genuinely good person?"

    Alexis Rose smiling at Ted

    Thousands of people replied with the celebrities they think are really good people (and some even with firsthand accounts). Here are some of the top-voted and best answers:

    1. "Dolly Parton"

    Dolly Parton playing a guitar

    2. "Brendan Fraser"

    closeup of Brendan Fraser

    3. "Came here to say Keanu; he genuinely seems like an amazing person, humble, and down to earth — with his own quirks. He also hasn't let his popularity or fame go to his head like other big celebs. I think for him it was more how his parents raised him/what he came from, how he more or less fell upward in his career in a good way."

    Keanu Reeves waving

    4. "Weird Al Yankovic!"

    5. "Hugh Jackman."

    Hugh Jackman waving

    6. "Rick Moranis"

    Rick Moranis smiling

    7. "John Cena seems like someone who just wants to make people smile."

    closeup of John Cena

    8. "The late Chadwick Boseman. He was a a lovely human by all accounts that I’ve read."

    Chadwick Boseman smiling

    9. "Henry Winkler"

    Henry Winkler laughing

    10. "I've worked with Kathy Bates before. She is incredibly nice. A week after she was done working with us, an entire BBQ spread from her favorite place showed up for lunch for us (over 100 people) from her as a thank you."

    closeup of Kathy Bates

    11. "Steve Buscemi."

    Steve Buscemi at an event

    12. "Unfortunately his life was cut way, way too short, but by all accounts, James Gandolfini was a genuinely kindhearted and good person to everyone around him. Rest in peace, king."

    James Gandolfini smiling

    13. "Shaquille O'Neal gives away a ton of money, is good natured, and appreciative of his fans. When he came to Boston, folks were a little hostile at first because he came from an 'enemy' team. He went out of the way to show the fans how much he appreciated them and had a lot of fun with them. He tweeted one day he was in Harvard Square and to come get a picture with him. Dude was standing like a statue, and people could come up and pose with him. Super fun personality and just embraced his new home."

    closeup of Shaq

    14. "Betty White."

    Betty White laughing

    15. "Ken Jeong. Met him for work, and he was very personable and an absolute delight."

    Ken Jeong making a heart with his hands

    16. "Paul Newman. Long marriage, lived far from Hollywood. His legacy of charity lives on with the Newman’s Own products line."

    Paul Newman holding an Oscar

    17. "Lived and worked throughout LA, met and worked for/with lots of celebrities. Someone I didn't see listed is Mark Ruffalo — a favorite customer of at least a few service staff people I know."

    Mark Ruffalo standing by the water

    18. "He's not alive anymore, but I think everyone would agree that Robin Williams had a heart of gold."

    closeup of Robin Williams smiling

    And lastly...

    19. "Tom Hanks seems genuinely nice and humble."

    Tom Hanks smiling

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Do you agree with these celebs, or is there a few that you think were overlooked?! Well let us know in the comments below!