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    15 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Were Shared With Us This Week

    Rihanna looking back at Anti kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!


    1. Rihanna celebrated the fifth anniversary of Anti by sharing some photos she did with Paolo Roversi for the album:

    2. Gwen Stefani posted this music video clip from No Doubt's 2001 bop, "Hey Baby":

    3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared his headshot from the late '80s:

    Twitter: @hitRECordJoe

    4. Kim Kardashian revealed that in 1996 *in Amber from Clueless voice* she would really wear something from Judy's:

    5. Sarah Michelle Gellar remembered when she had a cameo in 1999's She's All That:

    6. In celebration of this weekend's Super Bowl, Michael Strahan shared this selfie with his former New York Giants coach, Tom Coughlin:

    I was 5 minutes early for this photo! Super Bowl week reminds me of all the fun times we had with #CoachCoughlin! Love that man! @Giants #TBT

    Twitter: @michaelstrahan

    7. Nicole Kidman posted this photo of herself from 1995:

    8. Gwyneth Paltrow remembered her 2011 film Country Strong:

    9. Missy Elliott responded to Halle Berry's tweet with this iconic line from 2002's "Work It":

    Oh & 2002 Halle Berry😩😂🤣

    Twitter: @MissyElliott

    10. Michelle Visage shared this photo of herself from the '80s — when she was in the House of Magnifique — and captioned it with what the ballroom scene meant/means to her:

    11. Cindy Crawford posted this photo of herself taken in 1989:

    12. Justin Theroux celebrated being on his cousin Louis Theroux's podcast, Grounded, by sharing this photo of the two of them in the mid-'70s:

    13. Mindy Kaling used this Office meme to explain what she knows about the whole GameStop and stock market situation:

    14. In honor of her 44th birthday, Kerry Washington shared this photo of herself celebrating her birthday in the early '90s:

    15. And lastly, Janet Jackson celebrated the 35th anniversary of her landmark album, Control, by sharing the cover art for it:

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