It's Only A Few Days Into 2023, But These People Have Already Broken Their New Year's Resolutions, And They're Being Hilariously Self-Deprecating About It

    "Broke my New Year's resolution of being a nicer person, but in my defense, some of y'all are annoying."

    Whether you've made one this year or have made one in the past, at some point, you have probably made some sort of New Year's resolution for yourself.

    But, the reality is that as much as we want to stick to them, we usually end up breaking them (usually unintentionally).

    So, with that in mind, I decided to do a roundup of funny tweets of (some very relatable) people who have already broken their New Year's resolutions just a few days into 2023:

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    Already broke my new years resolution not to argue with morons online 😫

    Twitter: @ACABylonBee


    I already broke my new year's resolution: not to buy overpriced pints of ice cream in dubious flavors.

    Twitter: @emkantor


    broke my new year's resolution of being a nicer person but in my defense some of y'all are annoying

    Twitter: @avaseiffer


    My 2023 resolution is to not drop my phone on my face when checking it in bed in the morning. Already broke it.

    Twitter: @KyleShamorian


    Already broke my New Year’s resolution to use the Daily Shower Spray daily.

    Twitter: @Grregslist


    I broke my resolution already in regards to speaking my mind lol.

    Twitter: @BrandonfrmNJ


    Just broke my resolution to not eat a whole pizza after saying "its not that great" 2 bites in

    Twitter: @ButListenThough


    Less than a day into the new year and already broke my resolution to not say "tap" whenever I tap my debit card to pay for something.

    Twitter: @DanSpenser


    My New Year’s resolution was to not cry at work this year. I’ve been back for 2 days and I already broke it.

    Twitter: @Jo_Manning11


    One of my new year resolutions was to stop eating airplane food and I broke it on January 2nd 😞

    Twitter: @prestonnleee


    I broke my unofficial New Year’s resolution not to read the Fb comments under my stories. That lasted all of two days.

    Twitter: @Sara_Karnes


    I already broke my resolution to stop being a hater by 9:30 am

    Twitter: @HXChiang


    my New Year’s resolution was to not complain as much and yeah I broke that so quick

    Twitter: @Cel_Ivonne


    already broke my new year’s resolution by going to Wing Stop

    Twitter: @wildsidegrande


    already broke my new years resolution of no negativity omg y'all are fucking exhausting /nbh

    Twitter: @nthingreveaIed


    Already broke a 2023 resolution.. good thing that another resolution is to give myself the grace to start again, without judgement 🫶

    Twitter: @mogbonster