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    People Had Some Hilarious Responses To Blockbuster's First Tweet Since 2014

    "Blockbuster returning in 2020 was not on my bingo card."

    If you grew up in the '80s, '90s, or '00s, then you probably have very fond memories of going with your family to Blockbuster to rent the newest releases*.

    Exterior of a Blockbuster store at night.
    David Friedman / Getty Images

    *Or sometimes the same old movies over and over!

    Of course, with the rise of Netflix and streaming in general, Blockbuster and its model became a relic of the past. And in November 2013, the company announced it would be closing almost all of its stores.

    New York Times headline that reads: Internet Kills the Video Store.

    But, earlier today, Blockbuster's official Twitter account tweeted this cryptic tweet (its first tweet since 2014):

    Of course, people on Twitter were in shock that Blockbuster would be tweeting in 2020. With some people joking that the company is basically back from the dead:

    Please don’t play me, @blockbuster 😭 2020 needs you

    @blockbuster The year is now 2020. Still no flying cars. Welcome back.

    @blockbuster Blockbuster returning in 2020 was not on my bingo card

    Others joked about the Blockbuster movies they still have in their possession and the late fees they probably owe on it:

    @blockbuster i never returned this. how much do i owe you?

    Fine, Blockbuster....I’ll return my copy of Spaceballs. You don’t have to call me out like this.

    @blockbuster Hey sorry i took so long. what’s my late fee on this?

    Right when you think 2020 can’t get any worse, Blockbuster pops up to give us nightmares about late fees.

    Even a few brands decided to respond back to Blockbuster with some love, like Xbox...

    @blockbuster It’s not Thursday, we aren’t ready for this throwback 💚

    ...and Dominos — which reminded us what a perfect Friday night used to be all about:

    @blockbuster You & I used to have some wild Friday nights back in the day. 🍕📼

    Of course, the reason Blockbuster tweeted today was to let everyone know that the last of its stores still around (yes, there was one still around in Bend, Oregon) has been converted into an Airbnb, and that you can stay in it for $4 a night!!!

    The interior of the Blockbuster store that has been converted to a Airbnb.

    Honestly, that is some '90s kids' dreams right there!

    Okay, so we aren't getting the full-on return of Blockbuster, but I think we can all agree this is probably the next best thing!


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