Celebrities Aren't Really Like Us: What 30 Celebs Look Like Now Vs. What They Looked Like When They Were 25

    Seriously, some of these celebs haven't aged a day.

    1. Chris Evans at The Gray Man premiere, at age 41:

    close up of Chris in a polo button down

    Chris at an Entertainment Weekly party in New York City in 2006 at age 25:

    Chris in a flannel and baseball cap

    2. The icon, the legend, Queen Bey now, at age 40:

    close up of Beyonce

    Bey at the Golden Globes in 2007, at age 25:

    Beyonce smiling in a sparkly dress

    3. Talk show host and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore now, at 47:

    Actor and producer Drew in 2000 at age 25:

    close up of Drew smiling

    4. Anne Hathaway at the Valentino Haute Couture runway show in Rome at age 39:

    Anne in a turtle neck and long sleeve dress

    Anne in Valentino at the Oscars in 2007 at age 25:

    anne smiling in a strapless dress

    5. Ryan Reynolds with Rob McElhenney on Jimmy Kimmel Live now, at age 45:

    close up of the two smiling

    Ryan in early 2002 at age 25:

    ryan in a coat with spiky hair

    6. The ICON and gift to the world, Dolly Parton, on the red carpet of the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards at age 76:

    close up of Dolly with her hands on her hips

    Dolly performing her iconic song, "Coat Of Many Colors," in 1971 at age 25:

    close up of Dolly with hair teased tall

    7. The always lovely Tracee Ellis Ross now, at age 49:

    Tracee in 1997, hanging out with her iconic mother — Miss Diana Ross — at age 25:

    the mother and daughter duo smiling at an event

    8. Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of her Netflix documentary, Halftime, at age 52:

    close up of Jennifer

    Jennifer at the premiere of one her first films, My Family, in 1995 at age 25:

    close up of Jennifer with minimal makeup

    9. Brad Pitt working a green suit at the premiere of Bullet Train at age 58:

    close up of Brad

    Brad working some bangs in 1989 at age 25:

    close up of Brad in a fedora and vest and T-shirt combo

    10. Tom Hanks now, at age 66:

    close up of Tom

    Tom in 1981, when he was 25:

    close up of Tom with curly hair

    11. The legend herself, the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, now, at age 40:

    Brit in early 2007, at age 25:

    Britney leaving an event in a spaghetti strapped dress and dark hair

    12. Kerry Washington looking, as always, oh-so-pretty and radiant in a selfie at age 45:

    Kerry looking red carpet perfect at 25 in 2002:

    close up of kerry smiling

    13. Dan Levy serving high fashion looks now, at age 39:

    Dan in a loose-fitting suit and sunglasses

    Dan serving Napoleon Bonaparte looks in 2008, at age 25:

    Dan in costume with a large captain hat

    14. The legendary legend RuPaul, at age 61:

    RuPaul on stage with Jennifer Hudson

    An up and coming future legend RuPaul in 1986, at age 25:

    RuPaul in a floral print button down and baseball cap

    15. Leonardo DiCaprio now, at age 47:

    close up of leo

    Leo in early 2000, at age 25:

    close up of Leo with messy hair

    16. Gabrielle Union-Wade flashing her million-dollar smile now, at age 49:

    Gabrielle in a sparkly dress

    Gabrielle flashing her million-dollar smile at 25 in 1998:

    Gabrielle at an event

    17. Ben Affleck enjoying the sites around Paris while on his honeymoon, at age 48:

    close up of Ben and Jen

    Ben in 1998, when he was 25:

    close up of baby-faced Ben

    18. Idris Elba at the premiere of his newest film, Beast, at age 49:

    close up of Idris

    Idris on the UK's Channel Five soap opera, Family Affairs, in 1997 at age 25:

    Idris with a goatee

    19. Cher looking like the goddess that she is, now, at age 76:

    Cher posing in a promotional photo with Sonny Bono for their show, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, in 1971, at age 25:

    cher in a crochet dress

    20. Jake Gyllenhaal now, at 41:

    close up of Jake with beard and side swept hair

    Jake in early 2006, at age 25:

    clean shaven Jake

    21. Mogul, icon, and new mom, Rihanna, now, at age 34:

    close up of Rihanna holding her make up products

    RiRi in 2013 at age 25:

    Rihanna in a matching crop set and skirt set

    22. The MCU's Chris Hemsworth now, at age 39:

    close up of Chris

    Home and Away's Chris Hemsworth in 2008, at age 25:

    Chris with spiky hair

    23. Jason Momoa now, at 43:

    Jason with long hair and glasses

    Jason in 2004 at age 25:

    Jason with locs

    24. Paul Rudd at age 53, but looking not a day over 39:

    Paul smiling

    Paul in 1994 — at the age of 25 — during the filming of Clueless:

    close up of Paul

    25. Kim Kardashian now, at 41:

    Kim with short platinum blonde hair

    Kim — then known as Paris Hilton's BFF — at age 25 in 2006:

    Kim with long dark hair hugging Paris

    26. Halle Berry now, at age 56:

    close up of Halle

    Halle in early 1992, at age 25:

    halle smiling in a dress

    27. David Beckham looking chic at a Dior fashion show at age 47:

    David smiling

    David making some questionable fashion choices in 2000, at age 25:

    David and Victoria Beckham

    28. Tom Cruise now, at age 60:

    Close up of Tom smiling

    Tom Cruise in 1987 at age 25:

    close up of Tom

    29. John Krasinski, paying a visit to The Tonight Show, at age 42:

    John smiling in a suit

    A 25-year-old John visiting a gifting suite for free goodies in 2005:

    John in a polo holding a goodie bag

    30. And finally, Reese Witherspoon now, at age 46:

    close up of Reese smiling

    Reese in 2001 at age 25:

    Reese with short hair