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    Beyoncé Sings About Quitting Her Job In "Break My Soul," And People On Twitter Had Some Hilarious Reactions To That

    "If Beyoncé wants me to quit my job, I’m quitting my job."

    As everyone from your mom to your dog to your 99-year-old great-nana already knows, Queen Bey blessed us all by dropping "Break My Soul" late last night/early this morning, and it's the first single to her upcoming seventh studio album, Renaissance.

    Of course, the '90s house-style song (that features Big Freedia) is a certifiable BOP that everyone is obsessed with!!!

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    Like any great Beyoncé song, it also has empowering lyrics.

    And one of those empowering lyrics is about her quitting her job. Of course, people on Twitter had a lot of thoughts about being inspired by Bey to also quit their jobs.

    So, I rounded up 23 hilarious "Beyoncé telling me to quit my job" tweets:

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    Is she telling us to quit our jobs?? Because I will, Beyoncé, I will!

    Twitter: @HeyyBran


    Not Beyoncé telling me to quit my job.. Not after making me pay $50 for that mystery box

    Twitter: @TheJessieWoo


    me on my way to my job listening to a beyoncé song telling me to quit my job

    Twitter: @ryanntweets_


    After much thought and consideration,I have decided to remove myself from the running of @RuPaulsDragRace #Allstars7. @Beyonce & @bigfreedia told me to release my job, so I must follow suit. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m excited for this new chapter in my life 💖

    Twitter: @SheaCoulee


    Me quitting my job because Beyoncé told me to

    Twitter: @iamlexstylz


    Beyoncé in 2013: Working 9 to 5 just to stay alive Beyoncé in 2022: f*ck that job and go find you a new drive

    Twitter: @heyjaeee


    Kim K said you don’t work hard enough and Beyoncé came back and said “fuck that job and throw buss”

    Twitter: @LoLoVonZ


    me quitting my job today bc Beyoncé told me to

    Twitter: @urdadssidepiece


    Not Beyoncé crashing the economic market place by telling us all to quit our jobs.

    Twitter: @thatonequeen


    Beyoncé has a lot of nerve putting me in credit card debt and then telling me to quit my job

    Twitter: @broiledcrawfish


    Listening to Beyonce tell me to quit my job mere weeks after being laid off

    Twitter: @C_GraceT


    BEYONCÉ: i just quit my job ME, ON THE COUCH EATING CHEEZ-ITS BEFORE NOON: let’s gooooooooo

    Twitter: @mattbooshell


    Beyonce ‘quit your job’ Me in HR this morning:

    Twitter: @KwajoHousing


    If Beyoncé wants me to quit my job, I’m quitting my job.

    Twitter: @alexandergold


    Beyoncé telling us to quit our jobs knowing we need to make money for her tour she is so funny

    Twitter: @BeeBabs


    Beyoncé telling me to quit my job while I head to work

    Twitter: @cIownhole


    Me leaving my job whilst in a recession cause Beyoncé told me to

    Twitter: @jonomxr


    Listening to Beyoncé tell me to quite my job while I'm job hunting

    Twitter: @Huntwherever


    beyoncé telling us to quit our jobs but is she going to pay us unemployment

    Twitter: @naurveen


    Beyoncé: Quit Your Job Me to my managers:

    Twitter: @aramnotagoat


    First, Beyoncé had us dumping our boyfriends. Now she has us quitting our jobs?! Queen of independence!!

    Twitter: @inafrankmanner


    Beyoncé kept me up all night, so I don’t have to worry about releasing my job. My tired ass is so unmotivated that they’re going to release me!

    Twitter: @TheCuriousSerge


    Y’all better not Quit y’all jobs cause Beyoncé said so. You know that tour is coming up. And Section “Heavens Gates row Cc” gone start at $500.

    Twitter: @TheHeyTonyTV