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"Beverly Hills Teens": A Cartoon Embodying '80s Decadence

This was the original Beverly Hills, 90210, but way, way more ridiculous.

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Larke Tanner


Larke is the blonde-haired (of course), blue-eyed (of course), kind-hearted (of course), and popular teen queen of Beverly Hills High School. She's in love with Troy Jeffries.

Additionally she is a part-time model (isn’t everyone?).


Bianca Dupree


Bianca was the scheming, backstabbing, arrogant, bitch of the show (and of course she has black hair). She also has a major crush on Troy Jeffries and is very jealous of his relationship with Larke Tanner; she is constantly scheming to ruin it.

All you really need to know is she was the real star of the show and the only reason to tune in.

"Beverly Hills Teens" intro:

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