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    "Beverly Hills, 90210" Dolls, The Coolest Toys You Probably Never Owned

    Did your Brenda and Kelly dolls also hate each other?

    Released by Mattel in 1992, the Beverly Hills, 90210 dolls capitalized on what was then the show’s peak in popularity. The dolls included Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, Kelly and Donna (ugh, of course). Unfortunately no Steve, David or Andrea (really, never any love for her) dolls were produced.

    The Beverly Hills, 90210 were dolls built as the same size as Barbie, so kids could easily incorporate them into their collections.

    In retrospect, Mattel might not have made these dolls for the best target market, as the show dealt with more adult subjects and was mainly popular among teenagers and young adults.

    Brandon Walsh

    Brenda Walsh

    Dylan McKay


    Kelly Taylor

    Donna Martin

    French commercial:

    View this video on YouTube

    Today these dolls are easily found on eBay, going anywhere between $20-$50.


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