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    25 Little Moments That Used To Bring Millennials So Much Happiness In The '90s

    Back when getting the last Kiwi Strawberry Snapple felt like a major win!

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    1. Whenever you were given a Scholastic or Troll book order form during class, and you would get so much joy from just circling all the books you wanted:

    A side-by-side of Scholastic or Troll book order from May 1995.

    2. Whenever you'd go to the store with your parents and there would be no one else playing at the video game display — so you could play as long as you wanted:

    A close-up of two Super Nintendo controllers that are part of a SNES video game display.

    3. Whenever you'd open a brand-new pack of Pokémon cards and find a card you'd been wanting for forever:

    Three packs of unopened Pokémon packs fanned out.

    4. Whenever you'd find Waldo pretty quickly when looking for him:

    Three "Where's Waldo?" books: "The Great Waldo Search," "Find Waldo Now," and "T Wonder Book"

    5. And whenever you'd see the 3D image in the Magic Eye book on your first try:

    A close-up of the cover of a red "Magic Eye" book.

    6. Whenever you'd get back the photos from that roll of film your parents let you have to take pictures of whatever you wanted — which was usually photos of your pets, your toys, and the TV:

    A photo of TV screen playing "Beavis and Butt-Head."
    Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

    7. Whenever your parents would allow you to have a Kid Cuisine for dinner and you felt like you were treating yourself to a gourmet meal:

    A screenshot of a Kid Cuisine box for a hamburger meal.

    8. Whenever you got the last Snapple flavor you like before your siblings did:

    A row of Snapples displayed in refrigerator of convenience store.
    Mario Tama / Getty Images

    9. Whenever you were the FIRST to read the Sunday comics:

    A little girl sitting down reading the Sunday comics.
    Getty Images

    10. Whenever you made a Creepy Crawler and it actually ended up looking like it was supposed to:

    A early '90s box for Creepy Crawlers workshop featuring two kids making bugs.

    11. Whenever you convinced your parents to buy you a CD with a parental advisory sticker (it always felt like a little victory):

    A image of the Parental Advisory: Explicit Content sticker.

    12. Whenever you would get a brand-new Trapper Keeper with a design you wanted (and also the first few days of having the rings and the velcro working perfectly):

    A Trapper Keeper featuring Sonic the Hedgehog playing a Sonic game.

    13. Whenever you would get Geoffrey dollars from Toys 'R' Us for your birthday

    A close-up of the front and back of two $20 Geoffrey dollars.

    14. And the rush of excitement and joy you would get whenever you'd take your Geoffrey dollars to spend at Toys 'R' Us:

    A photo of a little kid looking at Fisher-Price toys inside a Toys "R" Us store.
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    15. Whenever you'd go to the mall and your parents would take you to the Disney Store...

    A kid standing next to a stack of 101 Dalmatians stuffed animals in the back of a Disney Store.
    Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Getty Images

    16. ...and the Warner Bros. Store first (before going to the stores they wanted to go to):

    Large statues of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman leaping out of the wall inside a Warner Bros. Studio Store.
    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    17. Whenever you started reading a brand-new Goosebumps book and you couldn't wait to get through it:

    Four "Goosebumps" books scattered.

    18. Whenever you used a ~cool~ crazy straw to drink out of at a party:

    A photo of a red, pink, orange, yellow, green, and purple crazy straw.

    19. Whenever you were the first one to get the cereal box prize (even though you would have to share it with your siblings):

    Screengrab of the color changing Lion King spoons that were cereal prizes in Cheerios.
    N Sands/

    20. Whenever you would save your Chuck E. Cheese tickets and eventually turn them in for a prize that was actually good:

    A plastic Ziploc bag full of Chuck E. Cheese tickets

    21. Whenever your parents bought you a souvenir Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt from a city you guys were visiting on vacation:

    Photo of a man wearing a '90s white Hard Rock Cafe: Maui T-shirt with teal and purple lettering.

    22. Whenever you would go visit your grandma and she would give you a bunch of these as a treat:

    A photo of a pink bag of strawberry Creme Savers hard candy.

    23. Whenever you'd go on car trips and your parents would buy you a brand spankin' new activity book to keep you entertained:

    A photo for The Simpsons Ultra-Jumbo Rain-or-Shine Fun Book which features Bart swinging naked from a garden hose.

    24. Whenever it was your turn to use the class computer in elementary school — even if you were just playing educational games, it still felt fun:

    Two kids in a classroom looking at webpage for a koala sanctuary in Australia.
    Michael L. Abramson / The LIFE Images Collection via G

    25. And finally, whenever you finally memorized one of the educational songs featured on Animaniacs:

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