18 Really, Really, Really Funny Twitter Reactions To The "Barbie" Trailer (And The Wonderful Chaos Of Ryan Gosling's Ken)

    Wake up Barbies, the full trailer for Barbie dropped!

    Come on Barbies, it's time to party! Because the movie of the YEAR (maybe decade), Barbie, is less than two months away from premiering.

    Ryan Gosling as Ken holding a pair of roller blades as he talks to Barbie played by Margot Robbie

    And earlier today, the first full-length trailer for it dropped — giving us a glimpse into what the plot of the movie is and a whole lot of Ryan Gosling as Ken.

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    Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

    Of course, just like with the teaser trailer, everyone is going wild for it. And because oh, I'm having so much fun reading the reactions to it, I decided to round up some funny reaction tweets to the trailer:

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    Eve walked so Barbie could run pic.twitter.com/JioGFyprvM

    — 💫 (@heyjaeee) May 25, 2023
    Disney/ Warner Bros.


    me if rewatching the barbie trailer was illegal pic.twitter.com/BCIWiN0pyb

    — َ iris come home (@ungodlywests) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    when ryan recreates this dance while singing his song in the barbie movie then what pic.twitter.com/qWHzzURZby

    — viv (@margotlovr) May 25, 2023


    I can only assume that the idiot in my groupchat who is betting against 'Barbie' is crying and throwing up after seeing that trailer

    — James Grebey (@jgrebes) May 25, 2023


    me after shoving a child out of the way so that i’m first in line for the barbie movie pic.twitter.com/cu4kCKHeSP

    — ava | 2 (@eversincekyotos) May 25, 2023


    they didn’t premiere barbie at cannes because if they did the audience would still be standing up and clapping until june 1st and that’s a liability on the festival https://t.co/vyYAMVyHxX

    — lex (@gretagerwigflew) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    idk why but i really want there to be a scene like this in the barbie movie pic.twitter.com/rCPtsOKjIy

    — bri (@briallysia) May 25, 2023


    This movie will HEEL the nation https://t.co/nawT43co9E

    — Phillip (@MajorPhilebrity) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    The entire vibe of Summer 2023 pic.twitter.com/vVVy8EGljn

    — Sam Parker (@samprkr) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    New Barbie trailer dropped pic.twitter.com/6doFofKIms

    — Schaffrillas (@Schaffrillas) May 25, 2023


    do it for her#Barbie pic.twitter.com/HFiYwhVkGE

    — Kasia Witerscheim💙💛 (@Panna_N) May 25, 2023
    20th Century Fox/ Warner Bros.


    this barbie is having an existential crisis pic.twitter.com/ShQqfh2u4P

    — bethany (@fiImgal) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    Greta Gerwig getting her former Barnard classmate Kate McKinnon to hold up a Birkenstock in Barbie is the most lesbian thing I have ever seen pic.twitter.com/jjN1CgSytD

    — almond taylor-joy (@jesterbestie) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    Men, what is stopping you from looking like this? #Barbie pic.twitter.com/FLz24BVJEx

    — Olivia Truffaut-Wong (@iWatchiAm) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.



    — Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) May 25, 2023
    Gramercy Pictures/ Warner Bros.


    Me showing up to the Oppenheimer premiere vs showing up to the Barbie premiere pic.twitter.com/B1i93xAdyr

    — Isaac (@GalaxyPeaBrain) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    Gays drunk at 2am on the dancefloor while Robyn “Dancing On My Own” plays pic.twitter.com/opHXv99XzA

    — 💫 (@heyjaeee) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.


    ryan gosling is coming for the title of BEST CHRIS pic.twitter.com/asIn8etqSN

    — Rachel Paige (@rachmeetsworld) May 25, 2023
    Warner Bros.