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45 Awesome Toys Every ’90s Girl Wanted For Christmas

The decade where Santa's workshop was overwhelmed with orders for pink gadgets.

1. Mall Madness

2. My Size Barbie

Why you totally wanted this: Because she was LIFE-SIZE, which allowed her to share in your adventures. Plus you could share clothes with her.

3. Guess Who?

4. Sky Dancers

5. Barbie Power Wheels Corvette

6. Pocket Locker

7. Disney Princess Perfume Dolls

Why you totally wanted this: Because not only were they Disney Princesses, but they also came with an oh-so-pretty-smelling perfume that both you and the doll could wear.

8. Koosh Ball

9. Butterfly Clips

10. Tamagotchi

11. Totally Hair Barbie

12. Ask Zandar

13. Polly Pocket

14. Magic Mitt

15. Perfection

16. American Girl Dolls

17. Furbies

18. Skip-It

19. A Cool Phone With Your Own Private Line

Why you totally wanted this: Because having your own phone with your own phone number in your room was the ultimate status symbol. Now you could talk all you wanted without having to compromise the dial-up.

20. Klutz Hair Wraps Book

21. Pogs

22. Quints!

23. Gak

24. Playmobil Victorian Dollhouse

25. Dream Phone

26. Talkboy

27. Lisa Frank Everything

Why you totally wanted this: Lisa Frank was like currency for tween girls. She who had the most Lisa Frank accessories was winning at life.

28. Puppy Surprise

29. A Pretty Beeper

30. Poo-Chi

31. Cat's Cradle

32. Slap Bracelets

33. Sally Secrets

34. Doodle Bear

35. Tyco's The Talking Family Dollhouse

36. Sanrio Pencil Cases

37. YoYo Ball

38. Spice Girls Dolls

39. Easy-Bake Oven

40. Fashion Designer Barbie

41. Lil Miss Makeup

42. Betty Spaghetty

43. Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie

44. Lil Miss Magic Hair

45. Fashion Faces