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45 Awesome Toys Every ’90s Girl Wanted For Christmas

The decade where Santa's workshop was overwhelmed with orders for pink gadgets.

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3. Guess Who?

Via karenkavett.com

Why you totally wanted this: Let’s be honest, the commercial did an excellent job of selling this as the most exciting board game ever! In reality, the game moved so quickly it only provided about three minutes of actual fun playing time.

9. Butterfly Clips

Via gurl.com

Why you totally wanted this: To do your hair in 1,001 new ways! So exciting. Also you saw Danielle Fishel and Sarah Michelle Gellar rocking these and you HAD TO HAVE ALL THE B-FLY CLIPS.

10. Tamagotchi

Via babygaga.com

Why you totally wanted this: Well, your argument to your parents for purchasing this kinda pricey imported Japanese toy was that it would teach you responsibility. Which it most certainly did not because you killed all your precious babies.

13. Polly Pocket

Via haverchucks.tumblr.com

Why you totally wanted this: Fifi's French Apartment? The Garden Surprise collection? What was cooler than a fully loaded palace that fit in your pocket? NOTHING. LITERALLY NOTHING WAS COOLER THAN THAT.

14. Magic Mitt

Via ebay.co.uk

Why you totally wanted this: Hardly a mitt at all, you could pretty much make any catch with these Velcro-coated bits of playtime magic. Behind the back? No problem.

15. Perfection

Via amazon.com

Why you totally wanted this: Kind of like a precursor to real life, there was something thrilling about trying to get all of those pieces in place before things blew up in your face.

16. American Girl Dolls

Via i.ebayimg.com$_57.JPG

Why you totally wanted this: Holy shit, bagging an American Girl doll was like the ultimate Christmas coup. If you were really spoiled, you also got all her overpriced accessories and maybe even the girl-sized matching outfits. God, I hate you, you lucky bitch.

19. A Cool Phone With Your Own Private Line

Why you totally wanted this: Because having your own phone with your own phone number in your room was the ultimate status symbol. Now you could talk all you wanted without having to compromise the dial-up.

24. Playmobil Victorian Dollhouse

Via buzzsmile.com

Why you totally wanted this: Few toy lines offered such an immersive and expansive (also expensive) world like Play Mobil. This was the crown jewel of the line that totally said, “Yes, my parents love me this much.”

25. Dream Phone

Via jackie002.wordpress.com

Why you totally wanted this: Because '90s girls could literally not resist anything that had some sort of phone component to it. If you couldn't have your own real phone, this was the next best thing. And the phone came programmed with "guys" that you could have completely stupid conversations with.

29. A Pretty Beeper

Via i.ebayimg.com$_57.JPG

Why you totally wanted this: MOM this is SO important now you can get ahold of me whenever you want. (Never mind that you never carried around spare change to make a pay phone call.)

34. Doodle Bear

Via twothirdshazel.com

Why you totally wanted this: ‘Cause there was finally a toy that was actually meant to drawn on with marker (unlike all those Barbies who got rather unfortunate makeovers). And if you hated what you drew, it would wash right off in the washing machine (well, kind of).

35. Tyco's The Talking Family Dollhouse

Via museumofplay.org

Why you totally wanted this: Not only did it come with all sorts of built-in sound effects, it also came with working lights. WORKING. LIGHTS.

36. Sanrio Pencil Cases

Via etsy.com

Why you totally wanted this: Spottie Dottie was an especially cute Sanrio character that came around in the '90s. If you had Sanrio school supplies, it was like the equivalent of having a designer handbag.

40. Fashion Designer Barbie

Via mobygames.com

Why you totally wanted this: Barbie officially entered the future with this CD-ROM, and you'd be damned if you weren't going to join her. Plus you could print out actual clothes for her to wear.

45. Fashion Faces

Via barnorama.com

Why you totally wanted this: Maybe you weren't allowed to make yourself up like Kelly Bundy, but nobody could stop you from creating an endless supply of blue-eyeshadowed lady faces with this treasure.

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