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31 Awesome Gifts Every Early-'90s Girl Wanted For Christmas

If you didn't hurt your ankles on a Skip-It were you even a '90s kid?

1. This Barbie Corvette that would totally allow you to drive around your neighborhood while talking on the ~cool~ carphone.

2. Puppy Surprise...but only if it came with more than three puppies.

3. Totally Hair Barbie, not only because of the hair, but also 'cause she came with a little bottle of Dep hair gel that you could use on your own hair.

4. Slime, but in particular Gak, 'cause it was Nickelodeon-approved.

5. Rollerblades — even though you knew you were going to have more than a few falls learning how to skate in them.

6. The most important dating board game ever: Dream Phone.

7. A very colorful fanny pack.

8. Lots of Troll Dolls, especially Treasure Trolls, because you could never have enough.

9. The Beauty and the Beast talking Magic Mirror, which you knew would allow you to ~recreate~ scenes from the movie.

10. The sleepover staple, Mall Madness, which no one ever knew quite how to play.

11. A Talkboy or Talkgirl, 'cause you wanted to be slick and pull pranks like Kevin McCallister.

12. A Skip-It...thanks to those very catchy commercials.

13. The all-too-cool Game Boy.

14. Polly Pockets — 'cause there was nothing cooler than having a whole little world in your pocket.

15. Disney Princess piggy banks, which you never actually put money in.

16. The truly, truly magical Lil Miss Magic Hair (with the prettiest hair you'd ever seen).

17. A Magic Eye book, even though you low-key could never see the images.

18. Tiger handheld games.

19. Glitter Hair Barbie, because, like, so pretty.

20. Quints, which were creepy, yet strangely compelling.

21. Where's Waldo? books, since you pretty much needed new ones after you found Waldo in every book.

22. Barbie's Victorian Dream House 'cause it was GOALS.

23. The all-too-important Sony Walkman, so you could listen to your favorite tapes on long car trips.

24. Caboodles, which you wanted 'cause it came with compartments.

25. Hypercolor T-shirts, which were basically your first piece of "designer" clothing.

26. A pair of L.A. Gears, that you low-key wanted more for the keychain that came with it.

27. Little Mermaid dolls that you'd play with in the bathtub, even though they really weren't designed for that.

28. Anything and everything Lisa Frank.

29. A hip-hop Looney Tunes T-shirt that said, "yeah, I'm a badass."

30. Happy Holidays Barbies, even though you knew you weren't going to be able to take them out of the box.

31. And finally, the newest member of the American Girl dolls, Felicity, because Samantha was old news.