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21 Worst Things That Every iPhone User Faces

"How did I get down to 75% battery life?! I literally took this off the charger 15 minutes ago!"

1. When you feel like Apple is constantly bullying you into buying the extra iCloud storage:

2. When your phone decides to be a game of chance every time it rings:

3. When you close the ONE app you wanted to keep open:

iPhone problems everybody cant relate

4. When after taking 55 pictures you realize that PERFECT Insta moment is not going to happen:

5. When you saw this horrible inevitability coming long in advance, but held out hope you'd get another six months of use out of it:

6. When you're scrolling through your favorite site and don't even realize you hit the pop-up ad for some game you NEVER even heard of:

7. When autocorrect is clearly drunk and needs to go home:

8. Or when your autocorrect decides to entirely change the meaning of what you were trying to convey in your text:

9. When you forget your charger at home and have to rely on the generosity of one of your co-workers to help get your iPhone through the rest of the day:

10. When the little gray ellipsis bubble on iMessage causes you to completely abandon your text:

11. When your fully charged iPhone is already calling it quits first thing in the morning:

12. When your heart sinks 'cause your iPhone isn't charging:

13. When you're in the middle of scrolling through your Facebook feed and all of sudden everything goes black...for no reason:

14. When you realize the cheapest accessory is also the only one that never breaks:

15. When Siri unexpectedly claps back:

16. When you're trying to send a text and all of a sudden your signal drops for no reason:


18. When you don't realize you have your camera on front-facing mode and are haunted by what you see:

19. When you're basically dead to the world -- for what feels like forever -- 'cause you waited too long to charge your phone and it's gotta reboot before charging:

20. When this truth all of a sudden sinks in:

21. And finally, when you upgrade your broken iPhone and promise yourself you won't drop it this time -- even though you know it's inevitable: