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    "Friends" Is Releasing Its First Official Cookbook And It Will Definitely Bring Out Your Inner Monica

    The one where you contemplated making Rachel's English trifle.

    It has been more than 16 years since Friends went off the air, and since that time, the series has continued to not only maintain its long-time fandom, but also grow it* (mainly thanks to being on Netflix).

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    *I'll add that the 379,670 Friends posts and quizzes we've done here at BuzzFeed are proof of that!

    And the love for the show was most recently evident when the cast announced — to much fanfare — that they would be reuniting for an HBO Max special (that has since been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic).

    While the reunion might be on hold, there is at least one Friends project that is going full steam ahead: an official Friends cookbook!!!

    There have been many unofficial cookbooks released over the years, but this one is the real deal.

    There will be more than 90 recipes (which will feature everything from appetizers and main courses to drinks and desserts) that were created by chef Amanda Yee and are inspired by moments from the show.

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    But it will also feature some of the show's most iconic foods. Like Ross's Moist Maker — which is so good you'd be willing to lose your job over it.

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    Phoebe's grandmother's cookies, which are actually made with the Nestlé Toll House recipe, so I am sure that'll be a little different.

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    And of course, Rachel's infamous English trifle. Which, I'm not going to lie, am really curious what the recipe will call for. We have made it here at BuzzFeed and it does indeed taste like feet.

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    No word though if that cheesecake that was so good that Rachel and Chandler were willing to eat it off the floor will be included as part of the recipes.

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    Sadly, like the reunion, we do have to wait a little bit for the cookbook to be released. It won't hit bookshelves until September 22 (which also happens to be the 26th anniversary of the show).

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    You can pre-order Friends: The Official Cookbook on Amazon.