AMC Theatres Announced It's Raising Ticket Prices For The Best Seats, And The Internet Had Some Hilarious Takes On That

    And yes, of course, Nicole Kidman got dragged into this too.

    In case you missed the news, earlier today Variety reported that AMC Theatres would be raising the prices of its tickets based on the seat locations.

    According to the article, there will be three different seat price options: Standard Sightline, which are the most common seats and won't see a price increase; Value Sightline, which are the less desirable seats (like way in the front) and cost less than Standard; and Preferred Sightline, which are the best seats and will be the ones to get the price increase.

    AMC plans to start rolling this out starting this Friday in select theaters in New York City, Kansas City, and Chicago — and they plan to have the new pricing in place nationwide by the end of the year.

    Of course, news of the price increase was met with a big ol' "Ummm, NOPE."

    Needless to say, the funny folks on Twitter had the best reactions to this — and yes, they even brought Nicole Kidman's iconic AMC ad into this. So, I decided to do a roundup of funny tweets that truly capture how everyone is feeling about this:


    Heartbreak is more expensive in a seat like this.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Image/ Twitter: @joerussotweets


    amc thought they could do anything because of the Nicole Kidman ad??? like babes people are loyal to Nic, not to amc

    Twitter: @colormeloverly



    AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File, Variety / Via Twitter: @willfulchaos


    Sorry this is so funny. You’re not an airplane

    Ethan Miller / Getty Image/ Twitter: @olsencassidy


    Me watching Barbie this summer at AMC

    AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File, Twitter: @soapyhadid


    AMC about to graduate from Netflix School of Fuck Around Find Out.

    SOPA Images Limited / Alamy Stock Photo , Twitter: @StephenSeanFord


    AMC really said heartbreak only looks good in certain seats in a place like this. Very anti-Kidman of it.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Image/ Twitter: @nle318


    BREAKING: AMC Theaters to change ticket prices based on seat location because somehow classism feels good in a place like this.

    Twitter: @FeoChin


    guessing Nicole Kidman’s revised AMC Theaters monologue verbiage

    AMC/ Twitter: @katiebcomedy


    Me at Cinemark avoiding AMC Theaters paying more for seats

    Paramount/ Twitter: @FrostedBlakes34


    When someone is in your reserved seat with AMC’s new ticket seat prices

    Warner Bros/ Twitter: @blurayangel


    AMC execs: "What if we made it less appealing to go to the movies?"

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images/ Twitter: @DanColon


    "Ah! Perfect just the @AMCTheatres seat I wanted." "There's literally no one else here. Why the fuck did I pay that extra money?"

    AMC/ Twitter: @BenjaminJS


    Me looking up at the Nicole Kidman ad because I can only afford the value seats

    AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File, Warner Bros/ Twitter: @MoonManTI


    Just making it easier for me to stay home on my comfy couch with my affordable snacks, oversized blanket, oled and surround sound.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images/. Twitter: @stuartheater


    Me & my boys buying up the front row at AMC

    Pictorial Press via Alamy / The Weinstein Company/ Twitter: @JacksonBoren


    How much did Nicole Kidman pay for this seat?

    AMC/ Twitter: @JeffCerulli