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    It's Amazon Prime Day, And People On Twitter Are Having Some Hilarious Reactions To It

    "The 'Scholastic Book Fair' to 'Prime Day' arc of the millennial generation."

    Well, whether you celebrate it or not, you know it's Amazon Prime Day!!!

    And if you're anything like me, you probably ordered a thing or two or three that you totally weren't planning on buying. 🙃

    Well, in honor of the internet's favorite holiday, I rounded up 19 hilarious Prime Day tweets:

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    Pretty wild that Amazon just straight-up invented a quasi-holiday and the world's just like, "Okay, happy Prime day, all"

    Twitter: @ParkerMolloy


    Just bought an air fryer on prime day cause I’ve reached my most basic and I’m happy in this place 🤸🏽‍♀️

    Twitter: @robinthede


    The “scholastic book” fair to “prime day” arc of the millennial generation

    Twitter: @justme_rod


    Trying to get ready for Amazon Prime Day. Is there a dress code? (When I first wrote this it came out Amazon Prune Day, which is better.)

    Twitter: @HMcdoolittle


    Ugh I can’t believe we have to work on Amazon Prime Day.

    Twitter: @dmc1138


    #ThingsToDoWhenYoureBored Celebrate Prime Day

    Twitter: @Nand076


    On this day of days, please remember the real reason for the season. #PrimeDay

    Twitter: @stevenspohn


    still can’t learn the difference between “need” and “want” on prime day

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet


    You think Amazon Prime Day has deals on some alone time in the bathroom without a kid talking to you through the door?

    Twitter: @SwissArmyWife00


    Why is Amazon Prime Day on a day I have no extra money? Lol

    Twitter: @krispykremie5


    Am I obligated to buy something on Amazon Prime Day?

    Twitter: @EmranRashid3


    #ThingsToDoWhenYoureBored Amazon Prime Day is today

    Twitter: @AlisunJane


    Going around the table as I carve the Prime Day Goose, asking everyone what they're primeful for

    Twitter: @edzitron


    @BIGPIKLIZ Me waiting for that #PrimeDay deal to hit.

    Twitter: @ldywdefitness


    Our descendants will one day laugh at the fact that we used to have to work on Amazon Prime Day.

    Twitter: @JohnnyFrittata


    Me: I'm poor Also me: Putting stuff in my Amazon cart to see what gets marked down for Prime Day

    Twitter: @SimpleNSheek


    My heart goes out to those who couldn't spend Amazon Prime Day with their family or loved ones. 🕯😞

    Twitter: @bennjordan


    Sometimes I feel like we’ve all forgotten the true meaning of prime day

    Twitter: @escapist


    Sad that Amazon Prime Day has become all about buying stuff.

    Twitter: @JeremyAlder