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    Alyssa Milano And Mark McGrath's Not So Subtle Candie's Fragrances Ad Campaigns

    Check out why Alyssa's ads were banned. Also Mark's butt crack.

    In 1999, Alyssa Milano was the face of Candie's, endorsing their shoes, apparel and their newly launched fragrance "Candie's".

    The $10 million fragrance campaign quickly stirred up controversy. Both Seventeen and Teen People magazines rejected the print ads due to their overtly sexual message.

    For her part Alyssa said of the campaign, "I'm thrilled to be associated with this brand. Candie's advertising has always been very young, sexy and cutting edge. So this was something I didn't have to think too hard about doing."

    Alyssa also made two commercials as part of the campaign. Deemed too racy, the commercials were banned from several networks, including the WB (home network of Alyssa's "Charmed").

    Alyssa Milano Candie's commercial:

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    Candie's then-marketing vice president, David Conn told the NY Post that he was stunned by the controversy saying, "there is such a double standard. If you look at the WB Network every night, it is always promoting its shows with sex."

    Alyssa Milano Candie's commercial 2:

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    In 2000, Mark McGrath took over as the face of the campaign and Candie's amped up the sex.

    Mark said of his ads, "The campaign is very risque and I think that's what makes the Candie's ads so much fun and something in which I am very happy to be apart of."

    Mark McGrath Candie's commercial:

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