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    Posted on Nov 29, 2013

    Alyson Hannigan's Adorably Awkward Christmas Photo Shoot

    In 1990, she, along with Stephen Dorff and Brian Austin Green, participated in a cheesy Christmas themed photo for 16 Magazine.

    OK, so this is officially the coolest teen photo shoot of 1990. From Brian Austin Green's Sun-In dyed hair, to Justin Whalen's acid washed jeans; which are perfectly pegged.

    16 Magazine/ Dec. 1990

    And Alyson really does look adorable!

    16 Magazine/ Dec. 1990

    But the real star of the is photo is actress Christina Nigra, who with her fringed shoulder-padded jacket, blown out side-swept bangs, and perfectly coordinated scrunchie is clearly winning 1990.

    16 Magazine/ Dec. 1990

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