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25 Songs You'll Immediately Recognize If You Listened To Alternative Radio In 2003

From garage rock to emo, these were the anthems you were rocking out to 15 years ago.

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5. No Doubt, "It's My Life"


Fact you might not know about this song: No Doubt did this cover of the Talk Talk song because they wanted to include a new song on their greatest hits album, but didn't want to get together to write a new song, as the band was on a break (Gwen was working on her solo album at the time).

6. Fountains of Wayne, "Stacy's Mom"


Where you heard this song the most: Aside from every radio station, the video was also played on heavy rotation on MTV and VH1. Basically, there was no escaping this earworm.


12. Queens Of The Stone Age, "Go With The Flow"


Thing you probably forgot about this song: The video for it. It looks like a fever dream Jack White would have after drinking too much tequila while watching Mad Max.


22. Interpol, "PDA"

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Things you remember most about this song: Having that ONE music snob friend tell you they were totally into Interpol before everyone else was, and how everyone said they were just ripping-off Joy Division.

25. Johnny Cash, "Hurt"

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Why this song is one of the best songs of 2003: It's rare that an artist can take a cover and completely make it their own, but that's just what Johnny did here. He took Trent Reznor's very personal song about depression and drug addiction, and turned it (along with the spectacular music video) into a song about him reflecting on his life, career, and death.

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