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19 Questions From Your Childhood That Have No Answers


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1. Was the black light test on Room Raiders real? Does black light actually…detect bodily fluids?


2. Why didn't Ariel communicate with Eric by writing things down, she clearly could write her name?!


3. Why couldn't Dil talk like the other babies on Rugrats?


4. What was the difference between CD-R vs. CD-RW?

5. Did they actually count the votes on TRL?

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6. What happened to Arnold's parents on Hey Arnold!?


7. Why could no one ever put together the Shrine of the Silver Monkey?!

8. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to make green and purple ketchup?

9. How did CatDog poop? And if one ate, was the other one full?

Cartoon Network

10. What did the Nanny on Muppet Babies look like?


11. Why were Pete and Pete both named Pete? Didn't their parents think that would confusing?!


12. If Buzz doesn’t realize he’s a toy then why does he freeze up whenever he is around humans?

Disney/ Pixar

13. How did Steve Urkel pay for all his inventions?


14. How did the kid in Blank Check afford all those things (like a castle) with only a million dollars?


15. WTF was inside these things?!

16. How old was Mrs. Potts supposed to be? Also, what happened to her other 22 children at the end?!


17. What did Krumm do with his eyeballs if he needed to pick something up with both hands?


18. Did Sam bring over the ladder he used to climb into Clarissa’s room from his house, or was it stored just under her window? Also, why weren't her parents concerned that a teenage boy was climbing into her bedroom?


19. And finally, there definitely was room for two, right?


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