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    A 13 Year-Old Drew Barrymore Was In An Anti-Drug PSA Before Checking Into Rehab (Again)

    According to Drew herself, at that age she probably wasn’t being very honest with McGruff about her drug habits.

    In 1988, McGruff the Crime Dog released a VHS PSA that featured a cameo appearance with a then-13 year-old Drew Barrymore.

    Drew stars as our “femme fatale” who comes to visit McGruff the Crime Dog. She is feeling different because she, “Just said no to drugs.”

    McGruff reminds Drew it’s “hard to be different." Which is easy for him to say because he is an intimidating talking dog, that is dressed like a creepy flasher (no one is messing with him).

    We also get a cameo from Gaby Hoffman.

    For some reason Drew tries to pay-off McGruff with a dog treat.

    McGruff tells Drew that just saying “no to drugs” is payment enough.

    Drew checked into rehab in late 1988. After a few relapses she finally took McGruff's advice. She continues to be a great example of overcoming adversity.

    Drew Barrymore - McGruff the Crime Dog PSA:

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    Now the real question. Where was McGruff the Crime Dog when Lindsay Lohan needed him?