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    If You Were Born Before 1994, This Entire List Is Just Pure Childhood Memories

    A warm nostalgia hug!

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    1. You couldn't wait until Laura and Steve Urkel would finally become a couple...

    Abc Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty

    2. ...and when the relationship between Cory and Topanga was something you were so invested in:

    Disney / ABC

    3. When having your own TV VCR combo...

    Steven Schultz/

    4. ...and the Nickelodeon alarm clock were the ultimate home decor goals:

    5. When this was the ultimate get-you-pumped-up CD...

    6. ...and when this was the CD that made you want to get up and dance:

    A Doss/

    7. When having a Dunkaroos for lunch felt decadent...

    8. ...and when having a Fruitopia was the most refreshing thing to drink:


    9. When just opening this art kit would make you feel inspired...

    10. ...and when these markers smelled like the most delicious things ever:

    11. When you'd pull, like, 18 coupons from the machine at the supermarket, and then hand them to your mom...


    12. ...and when you thought this is what your grocery shopping would look like when you grew up:

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    13. When going to the toy aisle...

    Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Getty Images

    14. ...and having an Icee meant a good trip to Target:

    15. When "self-care" meant a bathtub full of Mr. Bubble and your favorite toys...

    16. ...or building your own pillow/blanket fort:

    Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images

    17. When this was your Disney+...

    18. ...and when you saw an orange VHS tape and knew you were in for treat (no matter what movie it was):


    19. When the iMac was the most beautifully designed thing you had ever seen...

    Getty Images

    20. ...and when Kid Pix was the coolest computer program you could use:

    21. When going to a friend's birthday party meant going to Discovery Zone...

    Michael L. Abramson / The LIFE Images Collection via G

    22. ...or Chuck E. Cheese's:

    Mark Schiefelbein / WireImage

    23. When the biggest argument among you and your friends was who got to be which Power Ranger...


    24. ...or what video game you guys were going to play:

    25. And when this was the only ~group chat~ you all cared about:

    26. When reading Goosebumps...

    27. ...or watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? was all you needed to give you the willies:


    28. When having one of these TVs rolled into your classroom...

    29. ...or playing with the parachute during gym class made your day:

    30. When you'd look forward to Fridays 'cause it was pizza day at school...

    31. ...and TGIF night on ABC:


    32. And when you'd look forward to Saturday nights because it meant you could watch Nickelodeon's epic lineup:


    33. When this was saddest movie scene you had ever seen...


    34. ...and when this was the most stressful scene you had ever seen:


    35. When wandering aimlessly around Blockbuster...

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    36. ...and a Virgin Megastore was a thing of joy:

    James Leynse / Getty Images

    37. When nothing warmed your heart more than getting one of these...

    38. ...or a Valentine's Day card from your crush (even if it meant nothing):

    39. When everyone's TVs looked like this...

    40. ...but your grandma's TV looked like this:

    41. When the best thing about going to McDonald's was getting a Happy Meal toy...


    42. ...and playing in the PlayPlace:

    Mina Fox/

    43. When you'd get a little bit of anxiety whenever you had to use one of these mechanical pencil sharpeners in a quiet classroom...

    44. ...or whenever you had to write on the overhead projector in front of the entire class:

    45. When you'd entertain yourself with an empty Capri Sun pouch by blowing air into it, and then move it up and down with the straw...

    46. ...or by writing your name with your nails on the waxy exterior of these cups:

    47. When you swore you were psychic whenever you turned to the TV Guide channel right as it was on the channel you wanted...

    48. ...and when you were tempted to call Miss Cleo to see if she really was psychic:


    49. When the 60-second commercial for Pure Moods really did take you away and leave you with a sense of bliss:

    Virgin Records

    50. And finally, when taking care of this was your biggest responsibility:

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