If You're Between 26-32, Then This List Is Your Entire Childhood

    "It's all coming back to me now!" *in Céline Dion voice*

    1. Knowing this address better than your own:

    2. Getting excited for a birthday party based on the character invitation card they used:

    3. And losing your shit if the birthday party was at Discovery Zone:

    4. Eating off these Hercules plates that made you feel oh-so-special whenever you used them:

    5. And drinking from these glasses with geese on them (which every mom owned in the '90s):

    6. Eating Fruit String Thing like a baby bird:

    7. Feeling soooo cool whenever your parents bought you a copy of Nickelodeon magazine:

    8. Buying popcorn at Blockbuster whenever you rented a movie and then having your entire house smell like a Blockbuster as soon as you made it:

    9. Getting excited whenever it was Scholastic Book Fair day at school, 'cause it felt like Christmas came early:

    10. And getting one of these "unauthorized" books at the Scholastic Book Fair:

    11. Having a serious pog collection:

    12. Reading this book series, even though it would keep you up at night:

    13. And reading this book series, which made you want to have the ability to morph into an animal:

    14. Being mesmerized by the Aladdin video game (that was also really difficult to beat):

    15. Running to the Warner Bros. Studio store first whenever you went to the mall:

    Yup, you guessed it! The elevator & correlating retail store was Warner Bros. Looney Toons! #flashback

    16. And then to the stores in the mall that sold Beanie Babies:

    17. Passing the time ~playing basketball~:

    18. Carrying your lunch in a chunky plastic lunchbox:

    19. Enjoying this nectar of the gods during lunch:

    20. And snacking on the ULTIMATE lunchtime treat: Dunkaroos!!!

    21. Feeling super special whenever it was your computer time during class:

    22. And using this computer program to create many masterpieces:

    23. Having this rug as the first "map" you ever you owned:

    24. Feeling like you could conquer the Aggro Crag whenever you watched Guts:

    25. Knowing this flying fairy was both magical and kind of dangerous:

    26. Eating one or maybe six of these school chocolates that you were supposed to sell:

    27. Enjoying the plasticky smell of your Disney VHS clamshells:

    28. Getting a thrill whenever you opened a brand-new pack of Pokémon and also enjoying the smell of them:

    29. Having an entire world in your pocket:

    30. Reading these literary classics over and over:

    31. Owning one of these pixelated little blobs that controlled your life:

    32. Knowing there was no better daily line up on television than Nick's:

    33. And that Rugrats was the best show on the lineup:

    34. Watching Arthur...

    35. ...and The Magic School Bus whenever you were at someone's house who didn't have cable:

    36. Feeling like these were your ~designer~ sheets (even after they got all faded from washing):

    37. Enjoying one of these on a hot summer day:

    38. Getting pumped whenever you heard the theme song to Power Rangers:

    39. And getting pumped whenever you saw Power Rangers' distinctive green toy packaging at the store:

    40. Being both terrified for and wanting to take a bite of Pizza Hut's Pizza Head:

    41. Defending this castle from invaders like it was King's Landing:

    42. Knowing A Goofy Movie was a GEM of a film:

    43. Wanting to learn about animals through Zoobooks:

    44. Having a ~healthy~ Kudos bar as an afternoon snack:

    45. Getting one of these as a souvenir whenever you went on a trip and never really looking at it again after your vacation:

    46. Loving everything about this classic:

    47. Knowing you could burn your hand if you weren't careful whenever you played with an old school Lite-Brite:

    48. Thinking the GameBoy color...

    49. ...and Furbies were the peak of technology (and, of course, begging your parents to get you both):

    50. And finally, both being intrigued and freaked out by the intro to The X-Files:

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