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    9 Times The Beatles Proved They Were Cheeky

    They weren't just the greatest band of all time, they were also the greatest band ever when it came to saucy comebacks.

    1. When George was asked about fortune and fame:

    2. When Ringo was asked to talk about politics:

    3. When Paul was asked a way too personal question:

    4. When they were asked to describe the meaning of their lyrics:

    5. When the reporter basically brought it on himself:

    6. When they were asked to describe to their dream woman:

    7. When John and Paul were asked how they really felt about Ringo:

    8. When John took a subtle jab at the royal family, who were sitting in the front seats of their concert.

    9. When John asked for Coke and did this:

    And it was worth it for this guy's reaction:

    h/t: Reddit user ani625