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    25 Very Specific ‘80s Kids Things That People Over The Age Of 35 Haven't Thought About In 20 Years Or Maybe Even Longer

    Remember when you'd wear a Ben Cooper Halloween costume and you could barely see and breath out of the mask?

    1. Care Bears cards that your grandma or aunt would always get you for holidays and birthdays:

    2. Apple Paperbacks, which were the publishers of all those creepy books that kept you up at night:

    A set of five Apple Paperbacks.

    3. Wacky Packages stickers, which you would always stick on your wall for some reason:

    A bunch of Wacky Packages stickers.

    4. Souvenirs (like this flag pennant) that you would get whenever you would go see an Ice Capades show:

    A Smurfs Ice Capades flag pennant.

    5. Cabbage Patch Kids posable PVC figures, which were just as creepy as the dolls and would hurt like hell if you chucked them at someone:

    Three Cabbage Patch Kids posable PVC figures.

    6. The occasional TV Guide that would come with cartoons or TV characters that you liked on the cover — which immediately made it a must-read:

    7. Garfield books that you would always get for your birthday from relatives you weren't close with (but who assumed you liked Garfield):

    Two Garfield books.

    8. This exact dictionary that every kid owned:

    A Macmillan "Very First Dictionary."

    9. Mickey and Minnie merchandise (from when they tried to be hip):

    A back backpack with Minnie and Mickey dressed in late '80s "hip clothes"

    10. Metal trash cans in your bedroom that featured your favorite cartoon characters:

    Metal She-Ra Princess of Power trashcan.

    11. And metal character TV trays:

    A metal pound puppies TV tray.

    12. The big red lips novelty telephone, which you thought was so, so cool and chic:

    A landline phone in the shape of lips in red.

    13. This exact Godzilla toy that you never knew how you acquired (just was in your toy box one day):

    A green Godzilla posable toy.

    14. Hugga Bunch books, which, much like the Godzilla toy, you just found in your bookshelf one day and never knew how they got there:

    A Hugga Bunch book cover featuring two Hugga Bunch hugging the legs of a little girl.

    15. Muppet Babies comics, which were so much fun to read:

    A Muppet Babies comic, which features the characters looking scared in their crib with ghosts underneath it.

    16. These cups that you would drink out of at McDonald's:

    McDonald's wax cups with an illustration of Ronald McDonald on giving an "a ok" hand sign on it.

    17. And Ronald McDonald plastic hand puppets — which made your hand all sweaty if you played with them:

    A plastic bag in the shape of puppet with Ronald McDonald on it.

    18. The bendable hand key chain that would start falling apart within a month:

    19. Ben Cooper character Halloween costumes, which were just a plastic smock with a mask you could barely see and breath out of:

    20. Picture discs that had your favorite cartoon characters on it and were almost too pretty to play:

    A Rainbow Brite picture disc which features Rainbow Brite dancing with Sprites and a large rainbow behind them.

    21. The Fisher-Price Little People Family Farm, which would make a "moo" sound whenever you opened the barn doors:

    A Fisher-Price Family Farm set up with all the parts.

    22. Play tents, which was really the most perfect place to hide in:

    A ThunderCats play tent with the box in the back and the pieces in front of it.

    23. Nancy Regan and her "Just Say No" campaign:

    Nancy Regan in the middle of a dozen children wearing green "Just Say No" T-shirts.

    24. Portable TVs that were black and white and required 17 Double D batteries to run:

    A Bentley portable TV, which has a handle at top, a small screen with various knows next to it.

    25. And finally, the Dennis the Menace cartoon, which — like almost all '80s cartoons — had an awesome theme song:

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