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    30 Very Random ‘80s Kids Things You'll Only Know If You're Either A Gen Xer Or An Old Millennial

    Prepare for a 1980s nostalgia wave.

    1. Hands Across America — which every kid owned the T-shirt for whether or not they participated in it:

    A white Hands Across America T-shirt

    2. Mr. Owl from the Tootsie Pop commercial, who, let's be honest, was a pompous asshole:

    A kid with a Tootsie Pop standing next to Mr. Owl asking him a question

    3. The waxy packaging that Garbage Pail Kids cards came in:

    A pile of Garbage Pail Kids cards with green wrapping featuring a kid with his head exploding

    4. The Clapper, which you wanted because of the catchy commercial they played all the time (also, it was truly the smart-house appliance of its time):

    A Clapper box on a table

    5. The McDonald's coffee spoons that were OH SO TINY and CUTE:

    Two McDonald's coffee spoons laying on a table

    6. McDonald's McKids clothing line, which was sold at Sears:

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    7. The Tupperware pitchers that came with the button you need to press on top:

    A yellow plastic pitcher

    8. Small Wonder, which, even for the time, was a really budget show and also had you questioning how nobody realized that Vicki was a robot:

    Three of the kid stars from Small Wonder promoting Book It!

    9. And Not Quite Human, the Disney TV movie where Alan Thicke played a man who created a robot son for himself (also, why was creating robot kids a thing in the '80s?!):

    Alan Thicke and Jay Underwood in Not Quite Human

    10. Max Headroom — that, honestly, was just a creepy as shit TV show:

    Max Headroom screaming at the TV

    11. Your parents telling you to NEVER put your mouth near the receiver when using a pay phone 'cause it was dirty and full of germs (and, like, they were right):

    Black and white photo of dirty pay phones

    12. Smurfs glasses that every family seemed to own:

    Five Smurf glasses

    13. That weird Coleco Couch Potato novelty toy, which you always wondered who it was for:

    A Couch Potato stuff animal sitting on a green couch package

    14. Time for Timer PSA and the hankering for some cheese you got every time you saw a commercial featuring him:

    15. The California Raisins, which you never fully realized were trying to actually sell you raisins:

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    16. The Twister box cover that came with that very '70s meets '80s pic:

    A 1986 edition of Twister game

    17. The DIC logo...

    18. ...and the Kid Stuff logo:

    Close-up of Kid Stuff red and yellow logo

    19. Cut and sew dolls that your mom or grandma would make you (that would get all flat after a month or two):

    Rainbow Brite cut and sew doll

    20. Corning Ware glass pots and pans that looked so futuristic:

    Amber glass pot and pan collection

    21. Hostess Ding Dongs that came wrapped in foil:

    Foil fully open on a Ding Dong

    22. Nestle Quik that came in metal tins:

    Strawberry Quick flavor tin

    23. Portable TVs that were grainy AF and had the tiniest screen ever, but still had you thinking it was the coolest thing ever:

    A Sony Watchman TV

    24. Novelty telephones, which (like the portable TVs) you thought were the coolest thing ever, even though they were super impractical:

    A Diet Coke novelty phone

    25. Dustbusters that looked like this:

    A beige and dark tan colored Dust Buster

    26. The terrifying Mr. Munch, who was part of Chuck E. Cheese's band:

    A Mr. Munch button pin

    27. These rainbow flip-flops that every kid owned in the '80s:

    Rainbow flip flops

    28. Disney Channel's free "sneak peek" weekends — aka back when it was premium channel and if your parents didn't pay for it, this was the only time you really got to watch it:

    1980s rainbow strips with gold mickey ears over it Disney Channel logo

    29. Beverly Clearly books that came with these covers:

    Four Beverly Clearly books

    30. And lastly, the "I saw it by watching you!" anti-drug PSA that had you screaming that every time they ran it:

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