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    40 Childhood Things That Xennials Experienced In The '80s That Gen Zers Just Won't Understand

    A list for anyone who periodically gets the My Buddy and Kid Sister jingle stuck in their head.

    1. How the original Muppet Babies is possibly the GREATEST cartoon series of all time:

    2. How every single cartoon had a PSA at the end of it:

    3. How you can't think of My Buddy and Kid Sister without hearing the jingle for them in your head:

    4. How you knew you were in for a treat whenever you saw this logo:

    5. How when you think about Pizza Hut, you still think of it as a sit-down restaurant with dark interiors...

    6. ...and these cups (which you can feel by just looking at them):

    7. How Disney's The Black Cauldron...

    8. ...and Return to Oz were true horror movies:

    9. How you only got to watch the Disney Channel every few months during its free-trial weekend:

    10. How every kid at some point had a Memphis design duvet and/or sheets:

    11. How over 30 years later, you're still traumatized by that episode of Punky Brewster where Cherie almost died after being locked in the abandoned fridge:

    12. How Keebler's Magic Middles were the BEST cookies ever...

    13. ...and Pizzarias were the BEST chips ever:

    14. How the illustrations from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark were actually more frighting than the stories:

    15. How you had an at least 80% chance of getting burned whenever you slid down an aluminum slide...

    16. ...or putting on your metal seat buckle on a hot day:

    17. How America's Funniest Home Videos was the original way to watch viral videos:

    18. How you thought you could beat Double Dare:

    19. How going to a birthday party meant there would be at least one Hawaiian pizza...

    20. ...and a character pan cake (which was 75% frosting):

    21. How every kid owned some sorta of Care Bears merchandise...

    22. ...and this E.T. doll:

    23. How dressing up as a character for Halloween meant having to wear a plastic smock and a mask that you could barely see out of:

    24. How most of the fun of playing with Colorforms was sniffing them (ahhh, that plastic-ky smell):

    25. How almost all the food at McDonald's used to come in Styrofoam containers:

    26. How this was always more exciting to use than the treats it actually made:

    27. How you can't think about Family Ties without hearing "Sha-la-la-la" in your head:

    28. How Time Life Books ran nonstop commercials for its home repair books...

    29. ...and its creepy AF Mysterious of the Unknown series:

    30. How this is the first thing you think of when you think of Fisher-Price Little People:

    31. And how everyone's grandma owned this one Fisher-Price playset:

    32. Also, how going to you grandma's meant playing with one of these old toys that would pinch your legs:

    33. How a mall that looked like this screamed, "The fancy mall":

    34. How getting a Scratch & Sniff Sticker for a job well done in elementary school was the ULTIMATE reward:

    35. How when you think of Toys 'R' Us, you immediately think of its mainly brown and orange exterior and its aisles overflowing with toys:

    Today's #80s Debate ‼️ Travel back to 1985, you enter a Toys 'R' Us with 500$, which aisle/section are you going to spend it on? He-Man, Transformers, G.I.Joe, Video Games, etc...⁉️

    36. How you were willing to wait ages in line and spend lots of quarters at the arcade to play Dragon's Lair just because of the graphics:

    37. How playing the Fun Chicken! was the best part of going to the supermarket with your parents:

    38. How every family had at least one of these McDonald's Garfield cups...

    39. ...and at least five Welch's jelly jar glasses:

    40. And finally, how you found out about sex after finding your parents' copy of The Joy of Sex: