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    ‘80s Fashion Nostalgia In the ‘90s

    In the September 1994 issue of Sassy, the magazine "recreated" the cool looks worn by the girls of the East Village in the early '80s.

    Model looking frilly, not so much fun:

    Feeling the Debbie Harry vibe:

    Looking like they're on their way to a Madness concert:

    Channeling Madonna:

    "Getting ready for Club 57":


    Club 57 was a nightclub, located in the basement of a church, that during the early '80s was a popular hangout for artists and musicians like Madonna, Keith Haring, Wendy Wild, The B-52's, and Cyndi Lauper.

    "Spiking out her hair":

    Sassy recommendation: If you want to achieve the early ‘80s hair use LOTS of hair mousse and you’ll look like you’re ready for a night out at Danceteria or Area.

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