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    8 Times Paris Hilton Made Kim Kardashian Feel Like Crap

    Hard to believe, but there was a time when Kim K was Paris' assistant and BFF.

    Once upon a time (aka in the early 2000s), Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were the very best of friends.

    And like all BFFs they did everything together... awkwardly partying....

    ...having deep and engaging intellectual conversations with each other...

    ...and going to Oktoberfest.

    But all was not well in their friendship, because Paris was always throwing lots of shade at Kim.

    1. Like the time she demanded that Kim clean up after her, instead of hanging out together:

    2. The time she straight-up put Kim in her place:

    3. The time she treated Kim like her own personal Cinderella:

    4. When she got Nicole Richie in on the shading:

    5. And they spread some rumors too:

    6. Eventually, the (not at all for the publicity) friendship died, but Paris continued to diss her whenever she had the chance:

    7. As the feud grew, Paris lashed out more:

    In 2009, tabloids proclaimed there had been a truce between the two:

    But Paris had the look of revenge in her eyes:

    8. And just in case you thought it was over, Paris recently reignited the feud when she sent out this shady tweet, with a link to an article titled "Kim Kardashian Making It the Old-Fashioned Way; On Her Back."

    But for the record, she says it was an accident ~side-eye~:

    Oops, just realized I mistakenly retweeted a story someone sent me. Hate when I leave my phone unlocked in my purse & it tweets & texts.