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    7 Times Pizza Hut Won The Fast Food Toy Wars

    'Cause Happy Meals never came with hand puppets!

    1. Beauty and the Beast hand puppets


    Released as a tie-in to the VHS release of the film; these puppets were not only large sized, but also well crafted -- making them perfect for recreating Belle's adventures anywhere from the bathtub to the playground.

    2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells Tour: cassette and tour guide

    For any kid in 1990, it didn't get any bigger or cooler than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Propelled by the success of their first film and TV show, the turtles embarked on a huge North American tour, and for those of us who weren't fortunate enough to go, the Pizza Hut cassette tape was the next best thing.

    3. Eureeka's Castle hand puppets


    Just like the Beauty and the Beast puppets, these Eureeka's Castle hand puppets were well built, making them the perfect toy for the show's preschool-aged audience.

    4. Cartoon Network Squirtoons toys


    What made these so great was that they were not only great bathtub/ pool toys, but they were also based on retro cartoons (which in the mid-'90s was pretty rare).

    5. Back to the Future Part II Solar Shades


    Surprisingly for being such a popular film series among all age groups, Back to the Future had very little tie-in kid products (aside from a video game and a Micro Machines play set), so these sunglasses helped fill that void. Plus they made any kid look super futuristic and cool (or so we thought).

    6. Casper glow-in-the-dark hand puppets


    Sadly these puppets did not include Casper as a human boy.

    7. The Land Before Time hand puppets


    Probably one of the greatest fast food toys ever (seriously), it was the perfect combination of two things kids love: cartoons and dinosaurs. Plus, they were super cool looking! What kid didn't want to collect all of these? (Well maybe except for Spike, he was kind of waste.)