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    7 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

    A muddy Hugh Jackman kicks off this week’s #Throwback Thursday.

    1. Hugh Jackman took us back to 1985, before he was buff.

    2. While Barbra Streisand really took us back with this awesome photo of herself hanging out with Clint Eastwood, Rock Hudson, and John Wayne.

    3. Michelle Trachtenberg paid tribute to the iconic dress she wore in the Buffy musical episode.

    4. Aww, Orlando Jones was super adorable in his green sweater.

    5. Cindy Crawford gave us some early '90s glamour.

    6. Solange celebrated the birth of Kelly Rowland's son with this cute photo of the two of them with Beyoncé.

    7. And finally, Taylor Swift celebrated the success of her new album, 1989, by posting this photo of her 12-year-old self.