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7 Celebrities Whose Style You Totally Wanted To Copy In 1998

Teen People's "Celebrity Style" issue was a who's who of "it" girls that everyone wanted to be.

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5. Claire Danes: Sophisticated, cute, BFFs with Winona Ryder, and super chic style too. To top it off, she got to make out with Leo DiCaprio and Jared Leto! Yes, she ruled the '90s.

6. Drew Barrymore: No one had cooler style in the '90s than Drew! She always had that chic thrift-store look, when — let's be honest — she more than likely wasn't wearing thrift-store clothes.

7. Mariah Carey: In the late '90s she was all about short skirts, stilettos, and BIG HAIR. Also, let's not forget she had Derek Jeter to accessorize her look with.

Jakob Dylan: OK, so maybe you didn’t want his style, but you did want to stare into his blue eyes while he sang “One Headlight” to you on his acoustic guitar.

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