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VSCO Girls Have Always Existed, And This Is What They Were Like In The Late '90s

No, they didn't wear scrunchies in public!

As we've said before, VSCO girls have always been around. Here's a list of things VSCO girls of the late '90s loved.


1. VSCO girls of the late '90s wore Adidas Adissage slides with white crew socks:

2. They liked to burn incense that smelled like Cool Water or CK One:

Alex Stoen / Getty Images

3. And they liked to wear super dark nail polishes, like Chanel's Vamp:

4. Late-'90s VSCO girls loved to wear Bath & Body Works body splashes...

5. ...and Victoria's Secret's Pear Glace body lotion and body splash:

6. They owned at least a coat or purse that was in leopard print:

Shivang Mehta / Getty Images

7. And they liked to wear wide-leg cargo pants:

8. VSCO girls of the late '90s were heavily invested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Sony Television

9. ...and Charmed ('cause it was spooky shit):

CBS Television

10. They liked to take YM and Seventeen magazine quizzes with their friends:


11. But late-'90s VSCO girls also liked to pretend they were above reading regular teen mags and that they basically only read Jane magazine:

12. They bragged about using only Aveda shampoos and conditioners 'cause it was better than Pantene or Herbal Essences:

South China Morning Post / South China Morning Post via Get

13. And they loved to slather themselves in The Body Shop's hemp product line:

14. VSCO girls of the late '90s decorated their bedrooms with inflatable chairs...

15. ...dreamy mosquito canopies...

16. ...celestial pattern sheets and throws...

17. ...DIY'd sponge painted walls...

18. ...and glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceiling (that they lived in constant fear would fall on them while they slept):

19. They also liked photo frames that had boas on them:

20. During the school year late-'90s VSCO girls carried around all their books and folders in JanSport's with a suede bottom:

21. And in the summer they carried around their stuff in backpacks that looked like this:

22. They always had their Nike water bottle with them (and frozen and wrapped in aluminum foil in the summertime):

23. And they always carried Binaca on them:

24. They wrote with Milky Gel Roller pens almost exclusively:

25. VSCO girls of the late '90s loved novelty rings.

26. And wearing oversized Cowboys Starter jackets...

27. ...with cutoff jean shorts:

28. They also liked to wear hemp necklaces...

29. ...and rice necklaces with their names on it:

30. They also owned hairclips and necklaces with dragonflies on them:

31. And their arms were stacked with prayer beads:

32. Fiona Apple was their Billie Eilish:

Sony Music

33. Late-'90s VSCO girls liked to get very, very light highlights around their face to "frame" their face:

NBC / Getty Images

34. They liked to wear these stretchy headbands even though it felt like a medieval torture device:

35. And they also NEVER wore a scrunchy outside their house, it was strictly for weekend in PJs mode:

36. They loved to collect this winky cat sticker so that they could decorate their lockers and folders with them:

37. VSCO girls of the late '90s loved to play N64:

Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

38. And Game Boy Color (but had to have it in clear):

39. They also loved to have different colored beeper cases so that they could coordinate their outfits with them:

Hemera Technologies / Getty Images

40. And they very much wanted to have this EXACT phone for their bedroom (with their own line, of course):

41. Late-'90s VSCO girls were obsessed with AIM (and creating a cute profile name with it)...

42. ...Romeo + Juliet...

20th Century Fox

43. ...and Ever After (which was also what they wanted to dress up as for Halloween):

20th Century Fox

44. They wore bucket hats:

45. T-shirts with DKNY, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Tommy Hilfiger logos:

46. And they also wore acrylic ski sweaters that got all pilled after one use:

47. VSCO girls of the late '90s loved to go to the mall to take pics at the photo studio:

48. They kept track of their daily lives in planners (which also served as a place where they stored all the mall photos they got trading with their friends):

Mark Peterson / Getty Images

49. They drank Fruitopia:

50. Ate their mom's SnackWell's treats:

51. And loved to eat Sun Chips:

52. Late-'90s VSCO girls had a Spice Girl they identified with:

Victor Malafronte / Getty Images

53. They NEVER paid for the CDs that they ordered from Columbia House:

54. They also carried around Tamagotchis that they NEVER took care of, and then complained and said they were "sad" when they died:

55. VSCO girls of the late '90s liked to have very, very thin eyebrows:

Sgranitz / WireImage

56. They liked to outline their lips with a dark lip pencil and fill in their lip with a lighter color:

Steve Granitz / WireImage

57. And they covered themselves with roll-on body glitter:

58. They'd also get a hair wrap if they went anywhere warm during a family vacation:

59. They also would secretly get their belly pierced behind their parents' back:

Allexxandar / Getty Images

60. And finally, late-'90s VSCO girls were obsessed with crying and singing along to Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart":

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