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50 Things From The Early '90s (That If You're Over 34) Will Make You Say, "Oh Crap, I Totally Forgot About That!"

The era of neon everything and lots of informercials!

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1. Bootleg Simpsons T-shirts that you'd see in every souvenir shop:

2. SNL's "Coffee Talk with Linda Richman" — whose voice you can probably hear in your head right now:


3. Barbie's short-lived career as a rap star:


4. Susan Powter's "Stop the Insanity!" informercial:

chevyguy36w /

5. Suzanne Somers' Thighmaster, which you probably hurt yourself playing with:

6. Parker Lewis Can't Lose, which you never realized was basically a TV version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off:


7. These Hostess TMNT Pies that were oh-so-delicious:

8. The infomercial that featured Cher selling Lori Davis hair products:

Joseph Guerrero /

9. The rumor that there was a penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid VHS 'cause it was drawn by a disgruntled ex-Disney employee:

10. "The Urkel Dance":

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11. CDs packaged in big boxes:

Brian Galindo/ BuzzFeed

12. Pop Secret popcorn that came in florescent colors and you swore tasted like different flavors:

Courtesy of General Mills

13. The Jerky Boys album, which you thought was the funniest thing ever:

Select Records

14. The big reusable plastic water bottles with the thick-ass straw that gave everything a plasticky flavor:

15. Fox Kids' Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire...

DiC Entertainment

16. ...and Taz-Mania (with its amazing theme song):

Warner Bros. Animation

17. Howard Stern's ~superhero~ persona Fartman:

MySternCollection /

18. Gerardo and his song, "Rico Suave":

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19. The handheld Mortal Kombat game:

20. Anna Nicole Smith as the face of Guess:


21. The shock that Superman was going to be killed off:

22. The short-lived The Golden Girls spin-off, The Golden Palace, which aired on CBS:

23. The urban legend that Janet Jackson had two ribs removed to make her waist smaller:

Rolling Stone

24. And that other urban legend about NKOTB's Jordan Knight having to get his stomach pumped (which was really confusing):

Sony Music

25. The dating show Studs — which was full of double entendres that went way over your head:

Fox Television Studios

26. California Dreams, which was the perfect companion series to air with Saved by the Bell on Saturday mornings:


27. The Bombay Company, which you thought was the fanciest furniture store in the mall:

28. The DRAMATIC AF Crystal Pepsi commercial:

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29. And Ray Charles as the spokesperson for Diet Pepsi:

Darin & Anita (Syndicated Radio) /

30. The commotion over Johnny Carson retiring from The Tonight Show:

People Inc.

31. Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum's infectious jingle:

32. Camcorders that looked like this:

33. Madonna's Sex book and wondering what the hell was in it:

34. The Bubble Tape commercial:

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35. This cereal that sort of tasted like sugar cookies:

Courtesy of General Mills

36. McDonald's USA Basketball Dream Team Cups, which you, of course, tried to get Michael Jordan one of:

37. Thinking that black marble and glass blocks were chic and fancy home looks:

38. VCR remote controls that looked like this and had ~75~ extra buttons that you had no idea what they did:

39. "Sesame's Treet," which made Sesame Street cool again to tweens and teens:

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40. Oatmeal Swirlers that you wished came with MORE jelly:

Courtesy of General Mills

41. MTV Party to Go to CD series:

Tommy Boy

42. Fanny packs for your wrists:


43. Barbie editions of the main characters from Beverly Hills, 90210:


44. The "A day in the life of Ronald McDonald" commercial that played non-stop on Saturday mornings:

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45. This Disney Store bag, which you saved 'cause it was too cool to toss:

46. Hangin' With Mr. Cooper being part of the TGIF lineup:

ABC Television

47. Yo, Yogi Berry! flavored Capri Suns:

48. The Warner Bros. Catalog, which was filled with pages and pages of stuff you wanted, BADLY:

Warner Bros.

49. Whoa! Joey Lawrence's singing career:

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50. And finally, having to watch a movie on a flight like this or watching it on small TV placed on the ceiling of the aisle:

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