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50 Things From The '80s That If You're Over 34 Will Make You Say, "Oh Crap, I Totally Forgot About That!"

Again, I don't want to hear, "BUT I REMEMBER ALL OF THIS AND I WAS BORN IN 2002!" 'Cause, sorry, you don't!

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1. These plastic smock Halloween costumes which also came with masks that were hard to see out of:

2. Toys "R" Us bags that looked like this:

3. Bed sheets and duvets that looked like this and came with coordinating EVERYTHING:

JC Penny

4. Morris the Cat from the 9Lives cat food commercials:

xntryk1 /

5. When TBS and TNT use to have their programming start at :05 or :35:

Squibblezombie / Via

6. Jim Henson's fantastic The Storyteller TV show:

7. Muppet Magazine (which always had the best and most exciting-looking kids' magazine covers):

8. Freezy Freakies (a winter time staple):

Pete Jelliffe/ Flickr: petroleumjelliffe

9. This Coca-Cola radio (but, also, Coke vending machines that looked like this):

10. And, of course, the dancing Coke can:

11. Time Life's creepy AF Mysteries of the Unknown commercial (that played all the time!!!):

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12. The cool as hell COPS cartoon and its dramatic intro:

13. These McDonald's coffee stirrers:

14. Zack the Lego Maniac and his badass bedroom:

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15. The Adventures of the Little Koala which aired on Nickelodeon in the afternoons:

enW783a /

16. This Fisher-Price cassette player:

17. Cassette storage cases that looked like this:

18. Giant Swatch Watch wall clocks (honestly, those were bedroom decor goals):

19. Nintendo Topps trading cards:

20. The bubblegum-pop-filled Totally Minnie album:


21. This Couch Potato gag gift you always saw at Spencer's:

22. McDonald's McKids clothing line:

23. Lady Lovely Locks and her cool hair clip-ons:

24. These Disney re-release movie posters that you could get at McDonald's with your Happy Meal:


25. Pop Shots pop-up cards that were always kind of hard to write a greeting on:

26. These tiny Teddy Bears — which I am not sure what they were really for:

27. ABC Weekend Special...

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...which was hosted by Cap'n O. G. Readmore:


28. The gone-too-soon Food Fighters action figures:

29. "Mathnet" which aired as part of Square One:

TVLubber /

30. The terrifying scene in the Alice in Wonderland TV movie where the White Queen (Carol Channing) turns into a sheep:

Irwin Allen Productions /Columbia Pictures Television

31. Waldenbooks stores that had the wood panel exterior:


32. Bunnicula:

33. These lawn chairs that were never that comfortable to lay on:

34. Watching Mr. Belvedere...


35. ...and Just the Ten of Us on Friday nights:

36. Bud Light's "Spuds MacKenzie" ad campaign:

37. Will Vinton's A Claymation Christmas Celebration that was just oh-so-cool:

38. Panini Stickers:

39. Girl Talk board games which were a staple at sleepovers:

40. These drinks that made you feel oh-so-fancy any time you drank one:

Sean Mc/

41. The Littles cartoon which made you imagine what it would be like to be the size of a mouse:

DHX Media

42. Poochie and all her cool stationery and pens:

43. China Beach, better known as that show your parents liked to watch:

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44. The Crash Test Dummies PSAs and its slogan, "You Could Learn a Lot from a Dummy":

Single Light Productions/

45. This T-shirt:

46. Lisa Frank's Betty Boop stickers:

47. Rub-A-Dub Dog (who made bath time amazing):

48. Metal cartoon lunchboxes — which always had very cool embossed surfaces:

49. The Fat Boys:


50. And finally, The Clapper commercial, whose jingle is probably playing in your head right now:

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