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    50 Pictures That Perfectly Capture What A Ridiculous Time The 2000s Were

    The decade that gave us "No Heelys" signs and some interesting fashions.

    1. Blink-182 signing CDs at an FYE in-store:

    2. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson at a Girls Gone Wild party:

    3. And Justin Timberlake wearing a Girls Gone Wild trucker cap:

    4. Steve Jobs talking about how to burn a mix CD during an Apple presentation:

    5. This sign that solely existed to stop people from wearing Heelys:

    6. Adrianne Curry walking the runway for an Ed Hardy fashion show:

    7. These Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones cereal boxes that come complete with marshmallow Yodas:

    8. Willa Ford wearing Juicy Couture:

    9. The cast of 7th Heaven on Trading Spaces:

    10. This Emo SpongeBob that looks like he has been listening to Dashboard Confessional all day in a dark room:

    11. SuChin Pak at a Napster party:

    12. The Pussycat Dolls' Melody Thornton and Nicole Scherzinger posing with some Bratz dolls:

    13. Bai Ling delivering Netflix DVD envelopes to people waiting in line to get into the first screening of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith:

    14. A Desperate Housewives PC game that I am seriously curious about:

    15. This very, very bedazzled flip phone:

    16. This 50 Cent special-edition Xbox:

    17. The TiVo mascot sitting on a throne made of TiVo boxes:

    18. An ad for Pepsi's free iTunes bottle cap game:

    19. Stripped-era Xtina at a party hosted by Teen People and The Sims:

    20. LFO at a party for A&F Quarterly:

    21. Samantha Mumba taking a selfie with a flip phone:

    22. The super-annoying Crazy Frog in a flat-brimmed hat with a huge GANSTA chain on:

    23. Lil' Kim playing Nintendo GameCube with Cole and Dylan Sprouse:

    24. Two girls watching Mean Girls on a portable DVD player:

    25. The Spy Kids on the cover of Nickelodeon magazine:

    26. Ja Rule and Nelly posing in front of an iMac at the launch party for

    27. Lance Bass training to be an astronaut in Russia:

    28. Maxim magazine hosting a party for the Pussycat Dolls (and also that awning for Cingular, LOL):

    29. And Mark McGrath at that party, wearing a Volcom trucker cap:

    30. Halle Berry shopping at Kitson while carrying an initial bag:

    31. Kendra Wilkinson promoting Playboy's Girls Next Door jewelry collection at the Kitson:

    32. Destiny's Child posing with Carson Daly on the TRL set:

    33. Craig David performing at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square:

    34. And Anna Kournikova signing her FHM covers at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square:

    35. Three different types of HitClips players along with songs by Faith Hill, Britney Spears, and NSYNC:

    36. Kim Kardashian West texting on a Sidekick and Paris Hilton BBMing (probably) on a BlackBerry:

    37. And Paris Hilton (along with Tinkerbell) being a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno:

    38. Hilary Duff promoting her new CD, Metamorphosis:

    39. A Yahoo employee drinking Jamba Juice on the launch date of Yahoo Answers:

    40. Michael Scott wearing a Livestrong bracelet in an episode of The Office:

    41. A Shrek Game Boy Color game:

    42. And Shrek Gushers that looked more like Shrek's boogers:

    43. David Beckham promoting his video game David Beckham Soccer for PlayStation:

    44. Miranda and Carrie eating cupcakes on Sex and the City:

    45. This pic of two people trying to take a photo of Pete Wentz with flip phones:

    The most 2007 picture ever tbh 😂👌 Blurry @petewentz and flip phones! (Sweden show, 2007) can't wait to see you back here in 80 days! 💜

    46. Ryan Pinkston at the release party for the Bad Boys II soundtrack, which was sponsored by Sean John clothing and Sprite Remix:

    47. Everything going on in this Disney Channel homepage:

    48. And def EVERYTHING going on on this J-14 cover from 2007:

    49. This screenshot of someone watching Britney Spears' infamous "Gimme More" VMA performance on old YouTube and using Internet Explorer:

    50. And finally, Myspace's Tom posing with Dane Cook: