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    49 Things That'll Make Anyone Who Was A Teen In The Late '90s Say, "Holy Crap, I Forgot About That!"

    Remember when Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren starred in a movie together?

    1. Say What? Karaoke, which was hosted by Dave Holmes and always seemed to be on at the most random times:

    2. Jewel's poetry book:

    3. Wendy the "Snapple Lady," who appeared in all of the company's commercials:

    4. Hot Topic stores that had a neon green sign outside and were bright inside (before they became dark dungeons):

    5. The cast of Friends' "Who’s gonna drink the Diet Coke?" ad campaign that made no sense:

    6. Mossimo being an upscale brand you could only get at fancy department stores:

    7. Buying a CD at Blockbuster Music (which was a separate entity from Blockbuster Video):

    8. Imani Coppola's "Legend of the Cowgirl"...

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    9. ...and Jimmy Ray's "Jimmy Ray." They played their videos non-stop on MTV and VH1:

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    10. The teen movie Teaching Mrs. Tingle, which starred Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren (!!!):

    11. Lever 2000 soap, which every mom loved to buy in bulk:

    12. Rolling Stone magazine when it came in a larger size (and, also, The Prodigy):

    13. Jane magazine, which was oh-so-cool and grown-up:

    14. Levis' "I Think I Love You" wide leg jeans commercial...

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    15. ...and Levis' upscale Silver Tab jeans line:

    16. MTV's Pager Network (which I don't think anybody even knew what the hell it was):

    17. SNL's the "Roxbury Guys"...

    18. ...and "Goth Talk," which was hosted by Circe Nightshade and Azrael Abyss:

    19. Ordering a bunch of magazines from Publishers Clearing House and never paying for them:

    20. Breath Asure, which promised to freshen your breath "from the inside out" — and by "fresh" they meant taste like parsley:

    21. Clearlasil Daily Face Wash that came packaged like this:

    22. The Spice Girls' "Generation Next" Pepsi commercial:

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    23. Lay's WOW chips that were made with Olestra and gave people diarrhea:

    24. Beeper protective holster cases...

    25. ...and chains for the holsters so that you could attach them to your jeans 🤦🏻‍♂️:

    26. Ultimate Dance Party 1997, which had dated songs by the time it was released, but still bopped:

    27. The Pure Disco CD that your mom played at every family party:

    28. E!'s Wild On!, which sometimes was a little trashy:

    29. Structure clothing stores — which had the distinct looking faux Ionic columns façade in the front of its stores:

    30. Serena Altschul as the main anchor of MTV News:

    31. Five-Star binders that were super padded and had a Velcro to close it with:

    32. Ben Stein in those Clear Eyes commercials:

    33. Revlon's Street Wear collection, which was a serious dupe for Urban Decay makeup:

    34. Old Navy's Tech Vest, which always seemed to be the "Item of the Week":

    35. Using Mentadent and thinking it was the bougie toothpaste:

    36. Volkswagen's "Da Da Da" commercial that seemed to play every 25 minutes:

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    37. MTV's The Sifl and Olly Show:

    38. Those random free CD compilations you could get if you subscribed to Entertainment Weekly:

    39. Hot Pockets Toaster Breaks Pizza, which was basically a Hot Pocket you could put in a toaster:

    40. Those bright yellow Tower Records shopping bags:

    41. These Skechers boots that everyone owned:

    42. Billy Blanks' Tae Bo workout tapes (which just randomly appeared in your house somehow):

    43. Chupacabra-mania — the Bigfoot of the late '90s:

    44. Road Rules and the marathons they would have for it on MTV; it was the only way you could binge-watch a show back then:

    45. McDonald's fries that came in packages that looked like this:

    46. The Peach Pit After Dark on Beverly Hills, 90210 — which like every character owned at some point in the show (it made zero sense):

    47. Brisk's claymation commercials:

    48. E!'s Talk Soup that was hosted by John Henson (the original way to watch ~viral videos~):

    49. And finally, the Rachael Leigh Cook “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” PSA were she goes cray:

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