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47 Things You'll Immediately Understand If You Were A Teen In The Late '90s

LBH, 1996–99 was an iconic time.

1. Feeling like a baller if you had a TV with a built-in VCR in your bedroom:

2. Sipping on one of these refreshing ~elements~ on a hot day:

3. Never wanting to take off these comfortable AF shorts:

4. Burning the top of your mouth on one of these treats...

5. ...and burning your tongue when you bit into one of these:

6. Having this red light blind you whenever you walked around your family's TV room in the pitch dark:

7. Thinking these looked like the FUTURE:

8. Knowing you'd get cash back if you didn't spend the entire value of a gift certificate:

9. Trying to sit on ridiculously uncomfortable and sticky blow-up furniture:

10. Feeling stylish while wearing socks with sandals:

11. Making sure you always had fresh batteries for this:

12. Spritzing these on yourself, your clothes, and your entire room:

13. Spritzing yourself with these only on special occasions:

14. Making sure you started the school year with a brand new Five-Star folder...

15. ...and a brand new JanSport.

16. Thinking these were the coolest sunglasses ever made:

17. Knowing Lil' Penny could sell you anything:

18. Making this place one of your first stops any time you went to the mall:

19. Wanting to order EVERYTHING from the Delia's catalog:

20. Writing letters and cards with these colorful and oh-so-pretty pens:

21. Sniffing your Wite-Out more than actually using it for what it was meant for:

22. Begging your parents for one of these:

23. Being jealous of your friend who had one of these:

24. Doing research for a report with this:

25. Reading these instead of the actual assigned book:

26. Playing Space Invaders on your TI-83:

27. Using this to secure your wallet:

28. Wearing one these till it fell apart:

29. Thinking this was the greatest sound system:

30. Feeling like Daria was your kindred spirit:

31. Having no idea what the fuck was happening on The Sifl and Olly Show:

32. Finding out people have a lot of weird questions about sex through Loveline:

33. Feeling really stylish whenever you wore your chunky AF Skechers:

34. Making triple sure NOBODY taped over your shows:

35. Making sure you always had a few of these on hand to make mix tapes:

36. Having your hair be as hard as a rock:

37. Thinking sponge-painted walls were the SHIT:

38. Feeling like you were drinking a lava lamp any time you had one of these:

39. Thinking this was the bougie toothpaste:

40. Having a big bowl of sweetness in the mornings:

41. ~Organizing~ your life with a day planner:

42. Carrying around your important assignments on these:

43. Eating a bag or two or three of these:

44. Ordering 12 CDs for a "penny":

45. Feeling like a responsible grown-up whenever your parents let you use their Blockbuster card:

46. The terror of having one of these fall on your head in the middle of the night:

47. And finally, the feeling of relief when you successfully signed on to AOL: