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    You'll Only Understand These 47 Photos If You Are An '80s Girl

    Slip on a pair of old smelly jellies and let's skip down memory lane.

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    1. Collecting as many charms as you could for your charm bracelet — and, of course, trying to get a few from your friends:

    2. Wondering what the hell Nanny looked like on Muppet Babies:


    3. Having a sticker book(s) to store your much-prized puffy and scratch & sniff stickers:

    4. Wanting to have a bedroom as cool and ~chic~ as Evie's on Out of this World...

    5. ...and a treehouse as awesome as Punky Brewster's!


    6. Being obsessed with sniffing the scent from these dolls:

    7. Getting really hungry whenever you played this classic game:

    8. Adorning your wrist with a Swatch Watch...

    9. ...and mildly uncomfortable plastic bracelets like these:

    10. Watching the hell out of Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World and singing along to "Reachin' for the Stars":

    11. Loving all the different designs on your plastic barrettes even though they REALLY hurt to put on (and take out!).

    12. And managing to lose AT LEAST one of your days of the week barrettes:

    13. Thinking Peaches n' Cream Barbie was the most glamorous doll ever:

    14. Being frustrated as you tried to get your Popple into a perfect ball:

    15. Feeling just oh-so-adult-ish whenever you were allowed to use Tinkerbell makeup:

    16. Having a fight over who got to be first player whenever you played Nintendo with one of your siblings:

    17. Reading and re-reading every one The Baby-Sitters Club books you could get your hands on:

    18. Having epic My Little Pony playdates whenever your BFF came over:

    19. Wishing there were more than two "tracks" on your Pocket Rockers tapes:

    20. Wanting to take this awesome Rainbow Brite carrying case with you EVERYWHERE:

    21. Thinking Dirty Dancing was the most romantic movie:


    22. Carrying around all your Hello Kitty pencils and erasers in one of these:

    23. Using your Care Bears suitcase and sleeping bag for all your sleepover parties:

    24. Dreaming of having a canopy bed with matching primary colors EVERYTHING:

    25. Looking forward to She-Ra kicking some MAJOR ass:

    Warner Bros. Television

    26. Bringing out your inner-fashion designer with this:

    27. Begging your parents to watch this movie about a dozen of times in a row:

    28. Getting one of these at the gift shop whenever you were on vacation with your family:

    29. The very DISTINCT smell of your jellies:

    30. Being a little mesmerized whenever you watched the glitter move around the inside of a baton:

    31. Wanting to be as cool as the kids on Kids Incorporated:


    32. Begging your parents to get a Garfield stick on plushie for the back of the car:

    33. Almost breaking your ankle jumping on one of these:

    34. And feeling like you were going the speed of sound whenever you rode one of these down a steep driveway:

    35. Feeling like a grownup when you moved on from Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo to Pert Plus for Kids:

    36. Looking forward to The Disney Channel's free preview weekend (if your parents didn't subscribe to it):

    Disney Channel

    37. Buying basically the EXACT same poodle skirt as everyone else to rock at '50s-themed birthday parties:

    38. Being really excited whenever you got a pair of L.A. Gear's 'cause it came with a keychain:

    39. Being more than a little freaked out when Teddy Ruxpin would talk and stare at you with his dead eyes:

    40. Getting a sugar rush from chewing on one of these:

    41. Getting excited whenever your parents bought you BOTH a Happy Meal and a box of cookies at McDonald's:

    42. And being a little creeped out by the faces on these:

    43. Learning about animals with these flashcards:

    44. Being the original Doc McStuffins whenever you used your Fisher-Price doctor's kit:

    45. Getting caught up in all the drama going on in Jem, and then recreating it with the dolls:

    Hasbro Studios

    46. Cruising around your neighborhood in your Big Wheel:

    47. And finally, getting a Cabbage Patch doll whether you really wanted one or not:

    Basically, it was just a rite of passage!

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