45 Pictures That Look Just Like Anyone Between The Ages Of 34–42 Childhood

    Again, it was truly a great time to be a kid!

    1. Thinking that ALF was funny, but also a little creepy:

    2. Being way, way creeped out by Max Headroom:

    3. Being jealous of the ONE friend who had a huge collection of Sylvanian Families toys:

    4. Having this exact Fisher-Price Little People house:

    5. Pouring yourself a big bowl of "fruity" and "berry" Nintendo goodness:

    6. Thinking that even though She-Ra and He-Man were brother and sister that they would make a good couple:

    7. Drinking out of these cups any time you were at a pizza parlor:

    8. Thinking The Charmings — the show about Snow White and Prince Charming waking from a 1,000 year spell and living in L.A. — had a weird premise for a TV sitcom, even by ’80s standards:

    9. The feeling of awkwardness you would get whenever someone was rejected on Love Connection:

    10. Having a grandmother who was obsessed with Princess Di and Prince Charles' marriage...

    11. ...as well as saved old issues of Reader's Digests...

    12. ...and still had a rotary phone:

    13. The blow to the gut you felt when Optimus Prime died in The Transformers: The Movie:

    14. Low-key supporting Miss Viola Swamp for putting those bratty kids in their place:

    15. Feeling super cool whenever you were invited to a '50s-themed birthday party:

    16. Being terrified by basically every scene in Return to Oz:

    17. Thinking you could play the piano 'cause you could play one of these:

    18. Having a ton of McBuddies...

    19. ...and Garfield Happy Meal Toys:

    20. Getting McDonald's cookies in the delightful character boxes:

    21. Being excited to watch Michael Jackson perform on The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" special:

    22. Thinking Madonna was the most controversial person ever:

    23. Getting excited as soon as you heard the theme song to Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears:

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    24. Literally shitting your pants as soon as you heard the theme song to Unsolved Mysteries:

    25. Being completely on the edge of your seat while watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids:

    26. Wanting a boombox that looked like this:

    27. Having a bunch of old issues of this magazine in your classroom's book corner:

    28. Having a love-hate relationship with Domino's very annoying mascot, the Noid:

    29. Owning at least one brightly colored fanny pack:

    30. Looking at this carpet any time you crawled out of the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese's:

    31. Having your Quik come in a metal tin:

    32. Making popcorn in one of these:

    33. Thinking Swatch watches were cool and fancy:

    34. Trying not to fall over when using one of these:

    35. Dancing along to Whitney songs:

    36. Playing a round of this game in like two minutes:

    37. Wondering why Pin Wheel was on ALL THE TIME on Nickelodeon:

    38. Remembering to wear your seat belt 'cause of the Crash Test Dummies PSAs:

    39. Having a collection of puffy stickers (that also had an addictive plasticky smell):

    40. Never being able to actually get to the final round of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! :

    41. Wanting a phone that looked like this:

    42. Having as much fun setting up Mall Madness as you did playing it:

    43. Being completely captivated by this movie:

    44. Being super scared to play anywhere near a fridge after that "very special" (ie. traumatic) episode of Punky Brewster.

    45. And finally, that feeling of bliss you got as soon as you heard the Reading Rainbow theme song:

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