43 Signs That You Were And Still Are An Obsessed New Kids On The Block Fan

NKOTB + U = 4eva

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4. You and your friends knew the entire choreography to "Step by Step" — and performed it at the school talent show.

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15. You called the Official NKOTB Hotline, 1-900-909-5KIDS — hanging on to a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, a real, live New Kid would be on the other end — much to your parents' phone bill's dismay.

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16. Bubbilicious? Pshaw. No time for that when you could be CHEWING NKOTB BUBBLE GUM.

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And saving all the faux-cassette packaging because it would definitely be "worth something" one day. Or you just wanted to stare into Joey's ocean-blue eyes forever and ever.

But you never admitted how awful it was.

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21. You taped this Coke comercial.

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24. You totally bought their first album (which initially had terrible sales), featuring the New Kids as sort-of-creepily fresh-faced babies, only after you listened to Hangin' Tough three or four years later.

31. You made your parents buy you this shirt because Danny Wood was wearing it.

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Also, you became a Red Sox and Celtics fan, despite the fact that you lived nowhere near Boston.

39. You cried from happiness when you heard Jordan Knight had a hit solo single with “Give It to You”...

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We'll be loving you forever, Donnie, Joe, Jordan, Jonathan & Danny.

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