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    43 Things Everyone Who Grew Up With Disney In The '80s Will Understand

    The struggle of waiting to have Disney release its movies from the "Vault" was too real.

    1. The struggle of having only a handful of movies available on VHS...

    There were literally only FIVE movies on VHS!!! And they didn't even come in the classic white video case. =(

    2. ...and having to wait to see the majority of the classic films whenever they were re-released from the "Vault" and put in theaters.


    Yup, that's right, '90s kids — Disney would re-release its animated movies into theaters and that was the ONLY way you could see them.

    3. Feeling #Blessed that your parents paid for the then-PREMIUM Disney Channel.

    And if your parents didn't pay for the Disney Channel, then you ALWAYS looked forward to those "free preview weekends" to get your Disney on.

    4. Getting enthused whenever your family got their copy of the Disney Channel Magazine in the mail.

    Disney / Via

    LBH, it was just a glorified TV Guide.

    5. The rush of excitment you felt the first time you ever stepped into a Disney Store -- mind-blowing! It felt like a mini-trip to a Disney Park.
    Alan Levenson / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty

    You immediately ran to the back of the store, to the giant stack of stuffed animals, with the movie screen playing Disney cartoons behind it.

    6. Getting your fitness on with the Mousercise record...

    Disney Records

    "Come on, everybody, and Mousercise! Let the music move you 'til you're carried away. Keep your body moving."

    7. ...and the Disney Channel series of the same name, which was hosted by Kellyn Plasschaert.

    Disney / Via

    Jane Fonda who? Every '80s kid's exercise guru was Kelly. You can probably still hear her soothing voice say, "Hi Mousercisers, how is everyone today? Are you ready to Mousercise?"

    8. Burning the tips of your fingers on your still-too-hot-to-touch Shrinky Dinks.

    You were just too eager to start playing with freshly baked Gummi Bears Shrinky Dinks.

    9. Without even trying, you mysteriously accumulated a collection of picture disc albums...

    Like, where did they come from?! Also, they were almost too pretty to play on the record player!

    10. ...and Disney Book Club books.


    Somehow these books just appeared in your bookcase one day.

    11. Enjoying one of these treats on a hot afternoon:

    Disney / Via

    OK, so basically any time of year, day or night, was perfect for one of these popsicles.

    12. Having a deep-down fear that you might be separated from your family after being kidnapped by aliens, thanks to Flight of the Navigator.

    Disney / Via

    I mean, it seemed plausible!

    13. Taking your photo with a creepy-looking Mickey Mouse whenever you visited Disneyland and/or the Magic Kingdom.

    Jim Smeal / WireImage

    Also, those eyes on Pluto! WTF was he on?

    14. The reassuring knowledge that this meant your VHS movie was about to start:

    Disney / Via

    It was the original "Coming soon to theaters."

    15. Learning all the words to your favorite songs -- and rewatching them over and over -- with the original YouTube, Disney's Sing Along Songs videos.

    Disney / Via

    You also learned the words to songs from films you'd never heard of before -- since they weren't available on VHS!!! =(

    16. Dancing along to the synthpop-filled Mickey Mouse Splashdance album...

    And of course, singing along to the standout track: "Mickey, She's Got a Crush on You."

    17. ...and the bubblegum-pop-filled Totally Minnie album.

    Disney / Via

    "She's one part classy, two parts sassy!"

    18. And of course, also watching the Totally Minnie primetime special.

    Disney / Via

    #NeverForget Minnie and Elton John dueting on "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

    19. Being both mesmerized and creeped out by the Disney Channel's Welcome to Pooh Corner and Dumbo's Circus.

    TBH, those puppets were nightmare-inducing.

    20. Begging your parents to get you Disney Dollars whenever you visited a Disney Park and then feeling reluctant to spend them.


    They were just too cool to spend — it was funner to collect them.

    21. Getting excited for Sunday nights, 'cause it meant the the Disney Sunday Movie.

    View this video on YouTube

    That intro probably still gives you chills.

    22. Making calls to your favorite characters on your own personal phone:


    This was fun until the batteries were running low, at which point it sounded like Mickey was really drunk while talking to you.

    23. Playing with this toy a lot longer than you probably should have:


    Really, who cared about whether it was age-appropriate? It was FUN AF to just make the characters pop out.

    24. The joy of listening along to your Read-Along Book and Records -- which you probably played on your Fisher-Price record player.

    "You will know it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring like this: *Tinkerbell noise*"

    25. The thrill of getting lost in new worlds with your Mickey Mouse View-Master.


    It was the coolest way to visually immerse yourself in a Disney film.

    26. Wanting to be as cool as Dodger in Oliver & Company.


    And totally wanting to adopt Oliver.

    27. Getting traumatized after riding the original version of Snow White's Adventures at the Magic Kingdom.

    View this video on YouTube

    You're still having nightmares from it.

    28. Trying to figure out what the hell this TV series was about:

    Disney / Via

    Were they supposed to be Care Bear Cousins?!

    29. Knowing it truly wasn't Christmastime until you watched Mickey's Christmas Carol...

    Disney / Via

    Sure, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman are great TV specials, but this one hits all the feels.

    30. ...and listened to these:

    Disney Records
    Disney Records

    Nothing more festive than listening to all of the characters singing "12 Days of Christmas."

    31. Making your parents upset after you wasted several slices of bread as you played with the Funwich Factory.

    Ebay / Via

    It really did make the bread useless after you imprinted the character on it, since it made it fall apart.

    32. Learning your ABCs, shapes, numbers, and also about nature with the Walt Disney Fun-to-Learn Library.

    This was another set of books that magically appeared on your bookshelf.

    33. Being envious of that ONE kid in your neighborhood who owned the Disney World Town Square play set.


    Of course, that kid never really let you play with it either.

    34. Having your mind blown while watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and believing deep-down that toons did actually exist.


    And also being horrified by the scene where Judge Doom kills the cartoon shoe!

    35. Waking up early on Saturdays just to catch Gummi Bears.

    Disney / Via

    "Bouncing here and there and everywhere.

    High adventure that's beyond compare.

    They are the Gummi Bears!"

    36. Owning weird merchandise where Mickey is trying to be hip.

    What in Miami Vice hell is going on in that invitation card? Was Mickey taking down drug dealers on the DL or something?

    37. Being freaked the fuck out by the Horn King in The Black Cauldron...


    On top of looking scary AF, he was also trying to resurrect an army of the dead.

    38. ...and freaked the fuck out by EVERYTHING in Return to Oz.

    Disney / Via

    This was probably the first horror movie you ever saw.

    39. Getting bomb-ass movie tie-in Happy Meal toys that were as good as anything you could buy at Toys 'R' Us.

    They also smelled like fries and plastic.

    40. Having a huge cryfest to literally almost every scene in The Fox and the Hound.


    That scene where Widow Tweed leaves Tod in the woods is still HEARTBREAKING after all these years.

    41. Being completely on the edge of your seat while watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.


    “Dad, don't eat me!!!”

    42. Knowing there was no BETTER theme song than the one to DuckTales.

    View this video on YouTube

    Go ahead and press play — you know you want to sing along.

    43. And finally, the sheer bliss of watching one of the GREATEST animated movies of all time in theaters.

    Disney / Via

    The perfect ending to the decade.