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    40 Very, Very Specific Things Everyone Over The Age Of 35 Definitely Forgot About

    Again, sorry, Gen Z, this post is for Gen X'ers and "old millennials" only!!!

    1. The animated version of Punky Brewster where she had a magical friend who allowed her to travel to anywhere in the world:

    2. Cars with ashtrays on the doors (that would burn your arm on hot days):

    3. And cars with metal seat buckles that would also burn the hell out of you on hot days:

    4. These flip-flops that every kid in the '80s wore:

    5. Pert Plus shampoo, which, for some reason, everyone used, and had an almost medicinal scent:

    6. These sketch pads that made you feel like Picasso:

    7. Beverly Cleary books that had these very distinctive covers:

    8. The oh-so-cool Batman Converses:

    9. Nerds cereal, which tasted like pure sugar:

    10. Serendipity books that had oh-so-'70s-looking covers:

    11. Strawberry Shortcake vitamins that tasted like candy:

    12. The F.H.E. logo that appeared before a whole bunch of your favorite VHS tapes:

    13. These evil shin destroyers that left SCARS:

    14. Character cake pans that resulted in cakes that were 90% frosting:

    15. Air Wick's Magic Mushroom air freshener, which looked like a magical toy:

    16. Garfield pencil huggers that were actually really impractical:

    17. And Garfield glasses that had always been in your kitchen cabinet:

    18. Welch's glasses that had also always been in your kitchen cabinet:

    19. This way-too-important adapter:

    20. Filmation having its own Ghostbusters cartoon, which made the whole thing confusing:

    21. The bendable hand key chain that would start falling apart within a month:

    22. These weird flashes that you would need to put on the camera:

    23. The Officer Big Mac play set at McDonald's that smelled like feet:

    24. Hootbot, which was cute until its eyes turned red and freaked you out:

    25. That one random "classic cartoons" VHS tape (that you would see sold at, like, car washes) that was part of your family's movie collection:

    26. High-heeled–pump novelty telephones, which you also thought were fancy:

    27. Toys 'R' Us stores that had the inside front wall painted in rainbow colors (like the exterior):

    28. Salad bars at Burger King:

    29. This exact dictionary that every kid owned:

    30. The first episode of ThunderCats where they were all naked:

    31. This novelty gift that had ZERO purpose:

    32. These bendable rabbit toys that they would sell around Easter:

    33. Shell-shaped bathroom soap dishes that, for some reason, every house had in the '80s:

    34. Loose-leaf–binder cookbooks:

    35. Fisher-Price boxes that felt like rough cardboard 'cause they weren't coated:

    36. Giggles cookies, which had faces that creeped you out a little:

    37. Morris the Cat from the 9Lives cat food commercials:

    38. These gooseneck desk lamps that you knew better than to touch when they were on:

    39. Metal dome climbers that you could easily hurt yourself on:

    40. And finally, Ziggy cards that your grandma or aunt would get you for holidays and birthdays: