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40 Things From The Late '90s That Women Now Between The Ages Of 33-45 Used To Do

"TAKE ME BACK NOW!"—you after reading this

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1. Always making sure you had your beeper codes perfected.

07734: Hello

143: I love you

1134 2 09: Go to hell

(Also, coordinating the pager case with your outfits was a must.)

2. Being super jealous of any of your friends who had a cell phone.

Unless you were "that friend," of course.

3. Leaving body glitter on everything any time you wore it.

Especially your bathroom floor and counters.

4. Having Gap perfumes...

The Gap

5. ...and Tommy Girl as your signature day scents.

Tommy Hilfiger

6. ~Torturing~ yourself each week by tuning into Party of Five.

Fox Television

It felt like EVERY WEEK something even worse would happen to Salinger family. Why could they never win?!

7. Tuning into Daria and totally relating to her.


8. Wearing Naturistics lip balm at school...

9. ...and Wet 'n' Wild lipstick for party time.

10. Arguing with your friends over who was hotter: Pacey or Dawson.

Sony Television

It was Pacey, obviously.

11. Putting hair mascara...

Even though it turned into a clunky mess.

12. ...or Glints in your hair if you wanted to give yourself subtle highlights.

Steven Jones /

13. Or being super daring an using Sun-In to "highlight" your hair on the sly...and then having it only turn your hair orange.

Sun-In / Via

14. Being obsessed with this movie...

20th Century Fox

15. ...until this movie came out.


16. Feeling dreamy and ethereal whenever you used Hard Candy "Sky" nail polish...

17. ...and feeling ~edgy~ whenever you used Urban Decay polish.

I mean, their bottles did look like drug vials.

18. Buying Revlon Street Wear makeup at the drug store 'cause they were a perfect dupe for Urban Decay.

19. Always buying Teen Spirit, Caribbean Cool 'cause it was the best scent. / Via

You also mourned the discontinuation of the beloved Romantic Rose scent.

20. Owning one too many necklaces made from a grain of rice with your name on it (which you probably ordered from the back of YM).

21. Being excited to get the photos developed from your disposable camera, then ripping up and throwing away the photos you didn't like of yourself.

22. Having a CD Walkman as the ultimate accessory.

23. Wanting Cher's white Calvin Klein dress from Clueless for YEARS after the movie came out.


24. Decorating the inside of your locker and the cover of your folders with these stickers:

25. Owning a bunch of these weird rings:

26. Hearing a rumor that there was one kid on at your school who had a copy of the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape.


27. Fearing the day that one the glow-in-the dark stars on your ceiling would fall on you while you were asleep.

28. Saving your old YM and Seventeen magazines to make collages on your bedroom walls with them.

YM, Seventeen

29. Spraying yourself with Bath & Body Works sprays — which you kept in the fridge on hot days.

30. Being obsessed with Buffy...

Sony Television

31. ...and Rachel on Friends' hair and wardrobe (it was always so CHIC).

Warner Bros. Television

32. Decorating your bedroom with ~oh-so-chic~ celestial patterns...

33. ...and rice paper lanterns.

34. Feeling like Brandy and Claire Danes were the COOLEST teens alive.

Ronald Siemoneit / Getty Images, Frank Trapper / Getty Images

35. Thinking No Doubt's "Don't Speak" was the deepest song ever written.


36. Having your entire bathroom smell like Herbal Essences any time you used it in the shower.

Which was EVERY TIME you showered!

37. Getting excited whenever you came home and found the new dELiA*s catalog waiting for you.

38. Having a Caboodle underneath your bathroom vanity to store everything from makeup and nail polishes, to hair clips and tweezers.

39. Having a ton of butterfly hair clips (which hurt like hell if you stepped on them barefoot).

40. And finally, spending way too much time crafting the perfect away purple and Comic Sans font, of course.

Justine Zwiebel/ BuzzFeed

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