40 Pieces Of Candy You Will Never Eat Again

These ’80s candies may be gone, but they live on in your dental fillings.

4. Slush Puppie bubble gum

5. Domino’s Pizza bubble gum

6. The Real Ghostbusters Slimer bubble gum

9. Orange Juice bubble gum

10. Bubblicious Cherry Cola

11. Stretchy Boogers gummy candy

12. Max Headroom candy

13. Bubble Burger gum

14. Wacky Wafers

17. Hubba Bubba Cola flavor gum

19. Zooks bubble gum

20. Super Mario Bros. Chocolate n’ Crisp

21. Tidal Wave Bubble Gum

22. Pink Panther Bubble Gum

25. King Kong Heads

26. Goofy Groceries

27. Milkshake bubble gum

31. Rambo bubble gume

32. Hawaiian Punch Bubble Yum

33. Mr. T Gold Chain bubble gum

34. Garfield Stripes shredded bubble gum

36. Chocolate Mint Bubblicious

38. Bubble Yum Rockin’ Raspberry

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