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38 Things That Will Take '80s Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days

You'll beat The Oregon Trail one day!

1. Starting your day with one of these nutritious breakfasts before heading out to school:

2. Keeping your homework and papers organized in your awesome (and essential) Trapper Keeper:

3. Sitting in one of these not-so-comfortable classics:

4. Being handed a freshly pressed assignment by your teacher from the Ditto machine:

5. Getting the perfect sharpened pencil from this:

6. Classrooms and the library decorated with cool-ass "Read" posters:

7. Carrying your lunch in your metal lunchbox — that of course had your favorite cartoon characters on it:

8. The weird taste any drink had when you drank it out of your lunchbox thermos:

9. Eating your vanilla ice cream with a wooden spoon:

10. Signing your DARE pledge to NEVER do drugs:

11. Remembering to just say "NO":

12. Taking your annual hearing test with these:

13. Chewing disclosing tablets so that you could see how good a job you were doing at brushing your teeth:

14. Reading a bunch of books to get your free Pizza Hut pizza:

15. The joy of getting a scratch 'n' sniff sticker for answering a question right in class:

16. And immediately putting your new sticker in your sticker book (if you didn't trade it):

17. Watching filmstrips on one of these:

18. Buying a pencil from the vending machine and crossing your fingers that you got a ~cool~ pencil from it:

19. Bringing in your eraser collection to show off:

20. Storing your pencils and erasers in your prized Sanrio pencil case:

21. Learning how to multiply on a math keyboard:

22. And this was the only spell-checker you needed:

23. Feeling super special whenever you earned a much coveted Weepul:

24. Playing The Oregon Trail during computer lab time...

...and eventually dying of dysentery:

25. Remembering to NEVER touch the middle of a floppy disk:

26. Getting super excited whenever your teacher put on Reading Rainbow:

27. Or when you got to learn how to paint trees and mountains:

28. Watching Win, Lose or Draw — hosted by Vicki Lawrence — whenever you stayed home sick:

29. The excitement you felt each month when your teacher passed out Troll and Scholastic book order forms:

And immediately circling every book and poster on the form.

30. The stress you felt as you carefully tore the sides off dot matrix paper:

31. Walking around to the Ghosbusters theme song and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" during your Halloween parade:

32. Using the Dewey Decimal System in the library in order to find the book you wanted for your book report:

33. The smell of the ink on your circulation card:

34. Bringing one of these bad boys with you on hot days:

35. Trading Garbage Pail Kids cards during recess and lunch:

36. Hanging upside-down on one of these:

37. Getting burned with the seat belt on hot days when your parents came to pick you up after school.

38. And running to the ice cream truck to get a Big Stick: