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    If You're A Woman Between The Ages Of 35-44, Then These 38 Things Will Be A Warm Nostalgia Hug

    "OMG BuzzFeed, I thought it was only me!" —You, reading this post.

    1. Watching Punky Brewster and wanting to be BFFs with her and Cherie:

    NBC / Getty Images

    2. Also totally wanting to have a bedroom that looked like Punky's (it was something you'd get if you mixed Laura Ashley and Lisa Frank):


    3. Owning several "fancy dresses" that had bib collars and coordinating giant hair bows:

    4. Low-key wanting to finish a bag of Doritos Taco Flavor tortilla chips:

    5. Playing with your parents' (carefully cutout) supermarket coupons and pretending they were money:

    6. Literally spending forever trying to get your Popple back into its ball shape:

    Cleveland Inc.

    7. Reading the Girl Talk books and thinking they were oh-so-grown up:

    8. Owning a bunch of these fuzzy tiny figures that you had no idea where they came from:

    9. Fighting with your siblings over which flavor of Flintstones Push Up you would have (it was all about orange):

    10. Knowing the best part about Tinkerbell nail polish was peeling it off:

    11. Feeling super fancy whenever you drank an Original New York Seltzer...

    Original New York Seltzer

    12. ...or some of your mom or grandma's Crystal Light:

    13. Owning a mini porcelain tea set that you used for Barbie's tea parties or fancy breakfasts:

    14. Wanting a Garfield phone for your bedroom (even though you were way too young to have a phone in your room):

    15. Owning a bunch of Care Bear books — which always came with a positive message:

    16. Having a bunch of hologram unicorn stickers that you refused to stick on anything ('cause they were so pretty):

    17. Wishing there was more chocolate inside Magic Middles cookies:


    18. Having your feet get dirty and stink any time you wore your jellies anywhere:

    19. Begging your parents to buy you View-Master reels, then only using them once and never playing with it again:

    20. Only ever using your scented stationery for VERY SPECIAL reasons:

    21. Trying to collect all the Muppet Babies Happy Meal Toys and ending up with like five Gonzos:

    22. Getting a Cabbage Patch doll and immediately changing its name ('cause they came with some weird names):

    Jacques Chenet / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty

    23. Tying your pigtails or ponytails with these:

    24. Trying to hold your hair up with these:

    25. Having this radio/alarm clock in your room and thinking it was cool AF:

    26. And having this lamp on your desk — which you knew not to touch when it was on 'cause it would BURN:

    27. Trying to sit at the arcade cocktail table whenever you went to your local pizza parlor:

    28. Making Shrinky Dinks and then never playing with them after that day:

    29. Making a ton of bracelets with Hot Loops, then only wearing them for like 2 seconds:

    30. Getting a Precious Moments figurine from your grandma or aunt (whether you were into them or not):

    31. Going over to that one friend's house who owned a Nintendo Power Pad so that you could play Dance Aerobics:

    32. Having a Wild Puffalumps plush on your bed, even though it felt like you were hugging the outside of a sleeping bag whenever you put your face on it:

    33. Asking for a Bow Biters and then regretting it 'cause they were a little annoying to try to keep on:

    34. Wearing a bracelet pen, but never really writing with it 'cause it was wonky and hard to use:

    35. Owning a few Fairy Tails and playing with them whenever you played with your My Little Ponies (they were friends who came to visit from a different universe):

    36. Having some sort of ballerina shoes decoration in your room:

    37. Getting to use your mom's Hot Sticks to curl your hair on special occasions:

    80sThen80sNow /

    38. And finally, setting those curls or special occasion hairstyle with a shit ton of Aqua Net: